Genre : Romantic-Drama
Video :A P International | Empire

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VCD Rs. 75/-


Siddharth Bharathan, Rima Kallingal, Jishnu, K P A C Lalitha, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sarayu


Banner-Lucsam Cinema
Director-Siddharth Bharathan
Producer-Sadanandan Rangorath, Debobroto Mandal
Adapted Screenplay-Sidharth Bharathan, Santhosh Aechikkanam
Dialogues-Santhosh Aechikkanam
Cinematography-Sameer Thahir
Editor-Bavan Sreekumar
Art Director-Cyril Kuruvilla
Makeup-Rahim Kodungallore
Costume Designer-Velayudhan Keezhillam
Executive Producer-Shafeer Sait
Production Controller-Sanjay Padiyoor
Associate Director-Sagar
Lyrics-Rafeeq Ahamed, Santhosh Varma
Music Director-Jassie Gift
Stills-R Roshan
Background Score-Prashant Pillai
Distributor-Remya Movies


Sidharth himself plays the main role of Raju who learns about the death of his mother while he was doing research in Germany. The news reaches him late and he is devastated beyond console and suffers a nervous break down. After a few years, when he recovers from his illness, he marries Aswathi (Rima Kallingal) who is known to him from childhood and is the daughter of his family chauffeur. His relatives are skeptical about his complete recovery from illness and view his actions apprehensively.

Raju is irked by their attitude; and that he has a fiery temper doesn’t help matters either. Raju wants to develop an eco-friendly and self sustainable farm in his estate and he sets up a research lab in his bed room to aid his endeavour. Naturally, his people consider this action as another proof of his eccentricity. His brother Vishwan (Jishnu) wants a resort to be built in the estate catering to foreign tourists and this again creates a rift in the family. Raju becomes more ill-tempered and violent, confirming the views held by his relatives.

Verdict : FLOP
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