Oru Nunakadha (2011)

Genre : Comedy
Video Copyright : Highness
DVD Rs. 100/- { along with Last Bench }
VCD Rs. 75/-

 Vivek, Ashwathy, Jagathy, Piyoosh, Aneesh Menon, Asharaf, Raveendran, Suraj Venjaramoodu


Banner-Ben Arts
Director & Story-Johnson
Producer-Mathew Abraham
Screenplay & Dialogue-Abraham V Baby, Abhilash Ramachandran
Cinematography-Soorej Di Kolleri
Editor-Praveen K L, Srikanth N B
Art Director-Mahesh Sreedhar
Makeup-Okkal Das
Costume Designer-Ravi Kumarapuram
Lyrics-Roy Puramadom
Music & Background Score-Midhun Iswor
Production Controller-Mohan Raj
Action-Mafia Sasi
Choreography-Manoj Fidag
PRO-Aymanam Sajan, Nandhakumar Chennithala
Stills-Premlal Pattazhi
Designs-Collins Leophil
Distributor-Ben Arts Release


Three friends Aravind, Tony, Sooraj (piyush, aneesh, ashraf respectively). The trio is in college but they are avid movie buffs. Aravind falls in love with a girl (ashwathy) but one day she goes missing. Eventually, the friends discover that she has become the heroine for a Tamil movie being directed by a good man (raveendran). However, the director is told by a guru that if he can sacrifice this girl, his career will have golden turn. Meanwhile, the three friends go to Tamil Nadu so that they can get the girl back.

Verdict : FLOP

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