Saint Dracula 3D

Genre : Horror, Romance, Thriller
Copyright Owned & Marketed : Aries | Highness

DVD Rs. 130/-
VCD Rs. 80/-


 Mitch Powell, Patricia Duarte, Daniel Shayler, Suzanne Roche, Bill Hutchens, Michael Christopher, Anna Burkholder, Lawrence Larkin


Banner-Biz TV Network
Director-Rupesh Paul
Producer-Biz TV Network
Written-Rupesh Paul
Cinematography-Francois Coppey
Steregrapher-Julian Crivelli, Jeeman Pullely
Editor-Ajay Devaloka
Art-Toby Riches, Peter Mulhall
Makeup-Lucy Goulding
Costumes-Nichola Parle
Lyrics-Sherin Catherine
Music-Sreevalsan J Menon
Project Designer-Sohan Roy
Choreography-Kelly Shirley
Stills-john Guy
Distributor-Shyam Kurup


Longing for vengeance, he waited in hunger and thirst for his long lost admirer. The night hid him in the dark, the earth and the woods were his haven. He is a fallen angel, a catastrophic lover, the trodden Prince of Wallachia, but a vampire in revenge. His partisans await his reprise with celebration. He turns lucky in love, if not for ever. Beautiful nights of love and lust entangle him with his lost love - Clara, a passionate young nun but still a mortal. The peaches and perfection takes a turn the day Clara gets spellbound by the Catholic Church. The Vatican plots the trap but will the plan thrive? Or will it be love?

Verdict : AVERAGE
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