Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 (2014)

U | Comedy | Release Date | 2h:14m:31s


Rahul Raj .. Music
Nikesh Chembilod .. Lyricist

Thirayaane Thirayaane
Nikhil S Mattathil .. Lyricist
Arun Alat, Nithin Raj, Lonely Doggy, Rahul Raj .. Singers
Chemmana Chelurukki
Vijay Yesudas, Teenu Tellence .. Singers
Gathakaala Porin
Afsal (Afzal Ismail Mohamed), Tom Sebastian, Vipin Xavier .. Singers
Urvasi Urvasi - Sufi
Rahul Raj, Maqbool, Josy .. Singer
Mizhikaloro Rithuvasantham
Haricharan Seshadri .. Singer

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Chemmana Chelorukki ( Urvashi Urvashi)
Rahul Raj .. Music
Nikesh Chembilod .. Lyricist
Vijay Yesudas, Teenu Tellence .. Singers

MaGoBa Promo Song
Rahul Raj .. Music, Singer
Nikhil S Mattathil .. Lyricist
Arun Alat, Nithin Raj, Lonely Doggy .. Singers


Mannar Mathai is now running a travel agency Urvashi Tours & Travels, his partners in this agency are his old mates Gopalakrishnan and Balakrishnan. Their drama group which was started in 1989, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Manaar Mathai wants to perform a drama on this occasion. But Gopalakrishnan & Balakrishnan are not ready for this because their previous attempts in drama led them to nothing but problems. When they need a driver for their agency, they give an Ad in the newspaper. But Mathai also gives an extra Ad which says "Heroine required" which leads a young woman named Nithya and her friend Unni to their agency. Balakrishnan and Gopalakrishnan see Unni as a potential driver replacement for their old driver Koshi due to his fluency in English because most of their customers requesting for travels are from other countries and Unni, being fluent in English, would be able to help them. Meanwhile, Mathai sees Nithya as a potential lead actress for his upcoming play which would bring back glory to Urvashi Theaters and respect to the field of drama.

One night, they get an unexpected visitor - Mahendra Varma.

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innocent_imageInnocent as Mannar Mathai
mukesh_imageMukesh as Gopalakrishnan
saikumar_imageSaikumar as Balakrishnan
vijayaraghavan_imageVijayaraghavan as Ramji Rao
biju_menon_imageBiju Menon as Mahendra Varma / Hareendra Varma
shammi_thilakan_imageShammi Thilakan as Koshi
aparna_gopinath_imageAparna Gopinath as Nithya


sjm_entertainments_imageSJM Entertainments .. Banner
mamas_imageMamas .. Director
vishnu_narayanan_imageVishnu Narayan .. Cinematography
ratheesh_raj_imageRatheesh Raj .. Editor
joseph_nellickal_imageJoseph Nellikkal .. Art Director
ranjith_ambadi_imageRanjith Ambadi .. Makeup
siji_thomas_imageSiji Thomas .. Costumes
rahul_raj_imageRahul Raj .. Background Score
anbu_image arivu_imageAnbariv(Anbu|Arivu) .. Action
manoj_karanthoor_imageManoj Karanthur .. Production Controller
ton_abraham_imageTon Abraham .. Stills
jithu_chandran_imageJithu Chandran .. Designs
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