Honey Bee 2.5 | ഹണീ ബീ 2.5 (2017)

18 August 2017 (India) | 1h:45m:04s

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Vishnu is an aspiring actor. He completed his acting course from Adayar institute and got selected by some directors. But unfortunately none of those films went on floor and his days weren’t going smooth. During another attempt, a director suggests him to go to the location of Honey Bee 2 and check whether he can get a role in that movie.
Vishnu’s attempt to get a role in Honey Bee 2 and what all things happen during his efforts for that is what Honey Bee 2.5 talking about.



Lal Creations .. Banner
Shyju Anthikad .. Director, Writer
Lal .. Producer
Antonio Michael .. Cinematography
Ratheesh Raj .. Editor
Prashanth Madhav .. Art Director
Roshan G .. Makeup
Praveen Varma .. Costumes
Deepak Dev .. Background Score
Manoj Karanthoor .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
Vivi.. Stills
Cee Jay Achu, Heston Lino .. Designs
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