Police Academy (2011)

{Combination with Raksha}


Nagendra is a powerful police officer. He wants to see his son Radhakrishna also as a good police officer. He always dreams of his son bashing the dons and get a state government's medal which should be presented through his hands. However, his wife Sarala wants to see her son as a super star. Then a peculiar GO gets passed by the state government by which any honest person is eligible for a Police job. As Nagendra Naidu convinces his wife that all the training that is needed for a film hero could be learnt in just three months time in the Police Academy, Sarala agrees to join him in the Police Academy. Radha falls in love with Krishnaveni at the police academy. The latter too loses her heart to him. At this juncture, her photo appears in the TV saying that she was a big Naxalite leader.
The actual story gets revealed with a small twist.
Video Copyright : Saina
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nithiin_imageNithiin as Radhakrishna
bhavana_imageBhavana as Krishnaveni


Banner-Media Focus
Director-G V Sudhakar
Producer-Saina Video Vision
Written-G V Sudhakar
Cinematography-C Ram Prasad
Editor-Marthand K Venkatesh
Action-Kanal Kannan

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