Pettilambattra | പെട്ടിലാമ്പട്ട്ര (2018)

UA | 29 June 2018 (India) | 2h:01m:57s


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Four young fellows in Kochi whose exclusive point in life is to discover enough cash for their next alcohol session is helped by a resigned armed force man to begin their very own business. As life begins showing signs of improvement, they volunteer to help a companion whose girl is being badgering by some neighborhood goons.
In spite of the fact that they just beat up the harassers, the folks end up got in a murder examination.


indrans.actor_imageIndrans as Ramettan
ActorIrshadAli_imageIrshad as Rameshan
Levin Simon Jospeph as Kidu
jenson_alappat_imageJenson Alappat as Pragini
Rony Raj as Swamy
Sanmayanandan as Kathappan
Sivadas Marampilly as Shivan
chembil.ashokan_imageChempil Asokan as Mash
Ullas Pandalam as Sugunan
Neha Krishnan as Swayam


7Pavo Entertainments Private Limited .. Banner
Syam Lenin .. Director, Writer
Swaroop Rajan Mayilvahanam .. Producer
Madhu Madassery .. Cinematography
Ashish Joseph .. Editor
Achus Valavil .. Art Director
Sunil Nattakkal .. Makeup
Anikuttan Kedamangalam .. Costumes
Jecin123_imageJecin George .. Background Score
Hochimin KC .. Production Controller
run.ravi.1_imageRun Ravi .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Anil Padmanabhan .. Stills
Shibin C Babu .. Designs
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