Oru Nerinte Nombaram | ഒരു നേരിന്റെ നൊമ്പരം (2013)

UA | 8 February 2013 (India) | 1h:52m:14s

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Vilakkaayirunnu Njan
P Sivaram .. Music
Ashamol Muraleedharan .. Lyricist
Gayatri Asokan .. Singer

Priyakaamini Praneswari
P Sivaram .. Music, Singer
Ashamol Muraleedharan .. Lyricist

Muthupole Neeyennullil
P Sivaram .. Music, Lyricist
Anil .. Singer


Seetha, a casualty of sexual maltreatment whom he once happened to see in the city. Unfit to delete the memory, he settles down to pen down his contemplations, accordingly keeping in touch with her story - a repulsive story of misuse and abuse.
Its maltreatment that remaining parts at the center of the film, and it begins off with the tyke being manhandled when she is only a child. Later she is assaulted by her stepfather and his companions. Taken off alone in the city, she is assaulted by a policeman. Tossed helpless before a government official, she is assaulted by him too. She embraces an impeded kid from the roads, and he assaults her.

Copyright Owned & Marketed : Grand
DVD Rs. 70/-


Anoop Davis
Vaigha as Seetha
Ashamol Muraleedharan
Baby Hridya
Shigha Suresh


Noopuram Creations .. Banner
P Sivaram .. Director, Writer
Ashamol Muraleedharan .. Producer
Ravichandran .. Cinematography
Keyam Sha .. Editor
Santhubhai Thrissur .. Art Director
Lal Karamana .. Makeup
Sarala Suresh .. Costumes
Anil .. Background Score
Prakash Chokkad .. Production Designer
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Sunil Sukumar .. Stills
Sajeesh Karath, Shanil Kite, Shibi Lonappan .. Designs


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