Jameelante Poovankozhi | ജമീലാന്‍റെ പൂവന്‍കോഴി

jameelante poovan kozhi malayalam movie mallurelease

Bindu Panicker in a magnificent look, the actor will appear in a different attire for the "Jameelante Poovankozhi" audience

The movie's first-look poster has been released

jameelante poovan kozhi malayalam movie mallurelease
Title Poster

Jameelante Poovan Kozhi Malayalam movie directed by newcomer Shaahjahan. Features Mithun Nalini, Alisha, Bindu Panicker, Noushad Bakar, Sooraj Pops, Ashraf Gurukkal, Nitin Thomas, Anjana Appukuttan, KTS Padannayil, Pauly Valsan, Molly, Joly and others are the actors. The movie Jameelante Poovankozhi is produced by Fasal Kallarakkal and Noushad Bakar under the banner of Itha Productions. The screenplay and dialogue are written by Shaahjahan and Shyam Mohan.

The co-producer of the film Jameelante Poovankozhi is Nibin Xavier and Jazeer Moolayil is the executive producer. Writer Shyam Mohan is also the creative director of the film. The chief associate of the film is Faisal Shah.

The film's protagonist, Mithun Nalini, has starred in some of Malayalam cinema's greatest works. The female lead is newcomer Alisha. In this movie, Bindu Panicker is reviving herself as Jameela. Sooraj Pops, who had a standout performance in Kumbalangi Nights, has a significant part to play in this movie. Another aspect of Jameelante Poovankozhi is that Mithun, who originated the shadow hero character in the well-known Theevandi, is making his debut in the lead part. The movie is sure to amuse the audience with plenty of action, music, and humor.

jameelante poovan kozhi malayalam movie mallurelease

Jameelante Poovankozhi will bring the social issues around us to the silver screen by highlighting the humorous moments of life. Bindu Panicker is now creating the character of "Jameela" for her upcoming movie, Jameelante Poovankozhi. Popular actors and directors Nadirsha and Ramesh Pisharody's Facebook page was used to release the movie's first-look poster on 25th August 2023.

jameelante poovan kozhi malayalam movie mallurelease

The socioeconomic setting of West Kochi and Ernakulam serves as the backdrop for the film's narrative. The film explores the issues that regular people in a colony face on a daily basis. Also, this film addresses several current social issues that are taking place all around us. Jameelante Poovankozhi stands out because it presents the tale in a straightforward manner. This movie, which follows the relationship between a mother and son against the backdrop of a colony, is more than just a family drama; it also addresses some extremely serious topics. The family shows Jameelante Poovankozhi also places a strong emphasis on humor.

The title launched on 28 November 2021 at Le Meridian, Ernakulam

The music for the film 'Jameelante Poovankozhi' is composed by Tony Joseph and Aloshya Peter from the lyrics of Sujesh Hari and Faisal Kanmanam. The dance choreographer is Green Emo Boy.

Jameelante Poovankozhi movie will hit the theatres next month. The film was distributed by Itha Productions through Anil Thoolika, Murali SM Films, and Ajith Pavithram Films.

Jameelante Poovan Kozhi Malayalam movie, mallurelease


Mithun Nalini
Bindhu_Panicker_imageBindhu Panicker as Jameela
Suraj Pops
Anjana Appukuttan
kts_padannayil_imageKTS Padannayil
pouly_valsan_imagePouly Valsan


Itha Productions .. Banner
Shaahjahan .. Director, Producer, Writer
Fasal Kallarakkal, Noushad Bakar .. Producers
Shyam Mohan .. Writer
Vishal Verma, Firoz Khan, Melbin Kurishinkkal, Shan Rahman .. Cinematography
Jovin John .. Editor
Sathyan Parameshwar .. Art Director
Sudheesh Binu, Ajay .. Makeup
Itha Design .. Costumes
Aloshya Peter .. Background Score
javed.chempu.7_imageJaved Chempu .. Production Controller
asharaf.gurukkal_imageAsharaf Gurukkal .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran, manjugopinath77_imageManju Gopinath .. Pro
Rahul, Fazal Aloor, Ansar Beeran .. Stills
Artocarpus .. Designs

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