1956, Madhyathiruvithamkoor | 1956, മധ്യതിരുവിതാംകൂർ | 1956, Central Travancore

Period Drama
1956, Madhyathiruvithamkoor (1956, Central Travancore) Malayalam period movie directed, scripted, and edited by Don Palathara. Abhilash S Kumar produced under the banner of Artbeat Studios. The film stars Asif Yogi, Jane Andrews, Shaun Romy, Kani Kusruti, and Krishnan Balakrishnan. State Award winners Sandeep Madhav and Gigi Joseph used sync-sound technology for the entire movie.

'1956 Central Travancore' is the story of a group of people who first migrated to Idukki in the context of land reform in Kerala. Onan and Kora brothers from Uzhavoor in Kottayam district are going to hunt wild buffalo with a few acquaintances. The film will be a very different cinematic experience for the Malayalee audience as it develops through the stories told by the people.

Most of the shooting took place in the forests of Idukki and Tamil Nadu.

The Malayalam film 1956, Madhyathiruvithamkoor was screened on 5th October 2020 at the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival and also screened at the 5th BRICS International Film Festival in Moscow.

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Basil CJ .. Music
Kocheeppan Tharakan Polachirakkal .. Lyricist
Vijeeshlal Karinthalakoottam .. Singer


Asif Yogi
Jane Andrews
shaunromy_imageShaun Romy
KaniKusrutiOfficial_imageKani Kusruti
Krishnan Balakrishnan


Artbeat Studios .. Banner
Don Palathara .. Director, Writer, Editor
Abhilash S Kumar .. Producer
Alex Joseph .. Cinematography
pradeep.mv.5_imagePradeep MV .. Art Director
mitta.antonymx_imageMitta Antony .. Makeup
aravind.kr.735_imageAravind KR .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
* .. Stills
Dileep Daz .. Designs
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