Silent Witness | സൈലൻ്റ് വിറ്റ്നസ്: An Eye to Justice

Silent Witness Malayalam movie ,

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Silent Witness Malayalam crime investigation thriller movie directed by Anil Karakulam. Features Indrans in the lead role with Mala Parvathy, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Manju Pathrose, Meenakshi Dinesh, Anjali Nair, Balaji Sarma, Jubil Rajan P Dev, Ambi Neenasam, Manju KP, Pexon Ambrose, Advocate MK Roy, and Bito Davis are the other actors in the cast. Produced by Bini Sreejith under the banner of Feel Flying Entertainments. The screenplay is being penned by the director jointly with Adv. MK Roy. Aneesh Raveendran is the cinematographer of the film.
The story of the film is about a criminal investigation that took place in a village in Kerala.

Silent Witness movie is expected to be released by the end of September 2021.

Silent Witness Malayalam movie ,

Silent Witness Malayalam movie ,


Maala Parvathi_imageParvathy T (Maala Parvathi) as Nirmala Teacher
sivajiguruvayur.sivaji_imageSivaji Guruvayur
manju.pathrose.9_imageManju Pathrose
Meenakshi Dinesh
AnjaliNairOfficial_imageAnjali Nair
balajiHsarma_imageBalaji Sarma
Jubil Rajan P Dev
Ambi Neenasam
Manju KP
Pexon Ambrose
Adv. MK Roy
bitto.davis.9_imageBitto Davis


Feel Flying Entertainments .. Banner
Anil Karakkulam .. Director, Writer
Bini Sreejith .. Producer
Adv. MK Roy .. Writer
Aneesh R .. Cinematography
Rizal Jainy .. Editor
Appunni Sajan .. Art Director
Jayaraman Pooppathy .. Makeup
Rafeeq Edakkazhiyoor .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Rajesh Menon .. Production Controller
* .. Action
P Sivaprasad .. Pro
Aji Muscat .. Stills
Rahul Raj (Capture Art) .. Designs

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