Two Men | റ്റു മെൻ: A Journey not by choice (2022)

two men malayalam movie, mallurelease

Irshad Ali, Renji Panicker, and Donny Darwin in Two Men Malayalam movie

Two Men, which tells the story of a non-resident driver, won the audience's attention

Two Men Malayalam movie,

5 August 2022
Two Men Malayalam road movie that tells the story in the Gulf background, story and directed by K Satheesh. Features Irshad Ali and famous director MA Nishad in Two Men as the lead characters. Binu Pappu, Lena, Sudheer Karamana, Renji Panicker, Anumol, Arya Badai, Sohan Seenulal, Mithun Ramesh, Arfaaaz Iqbal, Kailash, Sunil Sukhada, and Donny Darwin are also in the star cast. Produced by Manuel Cruz Darwin under the banner of D Group. The screenplay and dialogues of the movie by Muhad Vembayam. Danny Darwin and Donny Darwin are the executive producers. The chief associate director for the film Two Men is TV Renjith and Mohd. Akief, Reuben Anu Thomas, and Arshad RK are the assistant directors. The film Two Men comes with the tagline "A Journey not by choice".

The film is based on a common journey and its extraordinary developments. As the name suggests the film 'Two Men', mainly tells the story of the extraordinary relationship of two men against the backdrop of a desolate desert and the exciting moments that ensue. Ninety percent of the shooting will be in Dubai. 'Two Men' tells the story of a driver who spends all his time in the diaspora world. It has been a while since the expatriate life has come to Malayalam with that feeling and that is the specialty of this movie.

two men malayalam movie, donny cruz darwin, mallurelease

Debutant Donny Cruz Darwin plays an important role in Two Men. Civil engineer Donny Darwin came to the cinema unexpectedly. At first, he was not interested in films, but after one movie, Donny realized that cinema was his right path and became a part of the production team of 'Two Men'. But Two Men is not the first movie Donny acted in. Donny's first movie was 'Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatti', and after that 'Aap Kaise Ho'. Donny recalls that the role in Two Men was a role that went to his elder brother but later came to him. Donny's father Manuel Cruz Darwin is the producer of Two Men. Donny has a clear answer to the question of whether the audience does not get a different image when his son plays a lead role in a film produced by his father. Donny's reply was that he was not a part of the production of this film to act, but instead to learn about other areas of cinema. "There is no point in spending money just to act, this is Kerala. If you have the ability, you can hold on here... " Donny added.

The title poster of the film has been released on 12th August 2021 thru the Facebook page of renowned directors Siddique, Ranjith, Unnikrishnan, Suresh Unnithan, Jeethu Joseph, Mahesh Narayan, Ranjith Sankar, Priyanandanan, Ajai Vasudev, Jude Anthany Joseph, Midhun Manuel Thomas, Omar Lulu, Sohan Seenulal, Deepu Anthikad, and Rajesh Nair, and Dileep Daz is the title designer. The official first look poster of the movie has been released on 8th January 2022.

two men malayalam movie, mallurelease

Project designer and Art director Joel George, who became famous with the film "Two Men", tells the story of an expatriate driver who wins the audience's favor

"Danny (Executive Producer of Two Men) and I have started a banner called Rasta Entertainments. A film directed by Melvin G Babu has been announced and involved in its pre-production work for over three years. Joel George joined 'Two Men' as the project designer and art director in 'D Group' while the pre-production of a film directed by Melvin G Babu.

Joel gave a very confident answer to a question about how the film 'Two Men' will stand out from the big-budget films

"In this film, we had to choose different vehicles for each character. Art is the most beautiful allotment because it is an outdoor shoot, and we can get many facilities. For example, if we want a gun for filming in our country, it is not easy to get it, it is very difficult. Finally, the Sharjah shooting. I got a gun from the club. Making any film is difficult, so instead of the amount of suffering, the way each person used their talent for this film and it came out beautifully in the end. Therefore, you can watch this film with courage."

The audience who have seen 'Two Men' in the theater have shared very positive comments so far. It can be said that when friendship and extreme love for cinema came together, there was a movie with a heart in Malayalam. An off-beat film called 'Fifth Season' produced by Joel is also preparing for release soon.

Seeing a young aspiring director running in the production field, acting field, and art field, we can hope that one day Joel Cinema will conquer the world. When it was released on August 5th at Two Men Theatre, Keralakara gave the crew of this much-awaited film a welcome that did not disappoint. However, the challenge faced by the cinema world today is the audience who are reluctant to go to the theatres. It is also the responsibility of the Malayalee audience to give every film that is released in our country the welcome it deserves.

Now Joel is preparing to direct a film, Melvin G Babu and the best creators of Malayalam can be expected soon. Apart from Cinemaworld, Joel also runs an advertising company called Mediagod and another IT company.

Anand Madhusoodanan composes the music for the movie Two Men with lyrics written by Rafeeq Ahmed.

Two Men movie was released in theatres on August 5th of 2022, presented by D Group. The Malayalam movie "Two Men" is streaming from 5th May 2023 on Saina Play.


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Varaathe Vannath
Anand Madhusoodanan .. Music
Rafeeque Ahmed .. Lyricist
Afzal .. Singer

Salaam Cholli
Raaza Razaq .. Music
Shahul Hameed .. Lyricist
Imthiyas Beegum, Raaza Razaq .. Singers


The movie Two Men is the tale of two individuals from quite different walks of life who become mysteriously entangled. The story takes place over the course of 24 hours, from daybreak on Bakrid's eve until dawn on Bakrid.

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D Group .. Banner
K Satheesh .. Director
Manuel Cruz Darwin .. Producer
Muhad Vembayam .. Writer
Siddharth Ramaswamy .. Cinematography
getsaajan_imageV Saajan .. Editor
Joel George .. Art Director
Kichu Ayiravally .. Makeup
Asokan Alappuzha .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Sajin Sree .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs


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