Antharam | അന്തരം (2023)

antharam malayalam movie mallurelease

Antharam Malayalam movie starring transgender actress Neha has been released

Antharam in 'C Space', a government-owned OTT

antharam malayalam movie mallurelease

24 April 2023
Antharam Malayalam movie is directed by debutant P Abhijith. Features Negha from Chennai in Antharam the first Malayalam movie starring Transwoman. The hero of the film is Kannan Nair who acted in Cold Case, S Durga, and Lilli. Nakshathra Manoj, who won the Kerala State Award for Best Child Actor for her performance in 'Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu', plays another important role. Bangalore-based writer, actress, and renowned trans activist A Revathi and transman Vihaan Peethambar are coming as guest stars. The movie Antharam is produced by Jojo John Joseph, Paul Kollanoor, Jomin V Geo, Renuka Ayyappan, and A Shobhila under the banner of Group Five Entertainments. Rajeevan Vellur, Girish Perinchery, Elsy Sukumaran, Vihaan Peethambar, Kavya, Deepa Rani, Laya Maria Jaison, Ziya Powell, Pooja, Muneer Khan, Jomin V Geo, Babu Elavumthitta, Gadha P, and Rahul Rajeev are the other actors. The screenplay and dialogues for the film Antharam are written by Shanavas MA. Maneesh Yathra is the associate director of the movie Antharam.
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For the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, Neha starrer Antaram, who has won the State Film Award for Best Transgender Actress, has started streaming on 'C Space', an OTT platform launched by the Kerala government.

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Director Abhijith is a noted photojournalist who created photo exhibitions and documentaries about the transgender community. He said that although there have been many films in different languages on the life of the transgender community, Antharam movie is different from these. The movie tells the family background as well as the social politics of the transgender community.

The first look poster was unveiled on 3rd September 2021 by celebrities, film critics, and friends of the director through social media.

The background music for the film 'Antharam' is composed by Paris V Chandran and the sound design is by Vishnu Pramod and Ajai Le Grand. The song of the movie is composed by Rajesh Vijay with lyrics by Ajeesh Dasan and sung by Sithara Krishnakumar.

Antharam movie will be screened as the inaugural film of the 13th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, the largest Queer Film Festival in South Asia. Antharam is a highly acclaimed movie with unique content and different presentation. The movie has also been screened at international film festivals such as the Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) and the International Film Festival Thrissur (IFFT).

The film Antharam will be screened on June 1st of 2022 at the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. 184 films from 53 countries will be screened at the festival. The closing film is the American film 'Potato Dreams of America'. The festival will conclude on June 5th, 2022.

The movie 'Antharam' directed by P Abhijith, won the 52nd Kerala State Film Awards for 'Special Award in Any Category for Women / Transgender' making Negha S the first transwoman to have won the debut award in the Woman / Transgender category. For the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, Neha, who won the State Film Award for Best Transgender Actress as the heroine in Antharam was released on 24th April 2023. The film Antharam was also released through the Koode OTT platform.


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Koodilla Koottil
Rajesh Vijay .. Music
Ajeesh Dasan .. Lyricist
Sithara Krishnakumar .. Singer


Sneha will reside with her father, "Hareendran," a forward-thinking proprietor of a bookstore. As she departs from her beloved grandparents, uncertainty fills her head. She is moving in with her stepmother, Anjali, whom she knows nothing about. Sneha keeps her distance from Anjali and makes an effort to maintain her emotional autonomy. However, she is troubled by Hareendran's changes and longs for assistance. Transgender woman Anjali expresses her affection and concern for Sneha. Sneha gains a greater understanding of Anjali and grows more admiring of the life she has been pursuing. The story of a trans woman who was forced to live as the wife of a regular guy is the main theme of the movie. In "Antharam," a trans woman, a teenage girl, and a man share a home, and their lives are explored in terms of their inner struggles, warmth, trauma, and happy times.

antharam malayalam movie mallurelease


Kannan Nayar
Nakshathra Manoj
A Revathi


Group 5 Entertainments .. Banner
Abhijith Pulparambath .. Director
Jojo JohnJoseph, Paul Kollanoor, Jomin V Geo, Renuka Ayyappan, A Shobhila .. Producers
Shanavas MA .. Writer
Mohamed A .. Cinematography
Amaljith .. Editor
P Gautam, P Devika .. Art Director
Shiju Ferok .. Makeup
A Shobhila, VP Sreejisha .. Costumes
Paris V Chandran .. Background Score
Jithu .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
Ebin Soman, KV Sreejesh .. Stills
Ameer Faizel .. Designs


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