Kenkemam | കെങ്കേമം

Kenkemam Malayalam dramatic comedy movie story and screenplay written and directed by Shah Mon B Parel. Features Bhagath Manuel, Noby Marcose, Levin Simon Joseph, Salim Kumar, Maqbool Salmaan, Sunil Sukhada, Saju Navodaya, Siddique Ismail, Ajai Vasudev, Aristo Suresh (Suresh Thampanoor), Edavela Babu, Niyas Backer, Manjraj, and Abu Salim. Produced under the banner of On Demand.

The story of 3 young people living in Kochi under the names of Mammootty Fans, Mohanlal Fans, Dileep Fans, and Prithviraj Fans. Buddy, who lives in Kochi, is a Mammootty fan, Dude a Mohanlal fan and George is a Sunny Leone fan. Sometimes they are Dileep fans and Prithviraj fans and they go to the theater and shout and do paid promotions. The story of the film is a journey through their lives.

George is a designer and Sunny Leone is a fan, and Buddy has an interest in becoming a director. He also has experience in short filming. Charity videos, blogs, and many other ways to live in today's Covid situation without movies. In the end, they come out with the illusion that they can hold on if they make a film. Previously, as part of online and offline marketing, they approached producers, actors, and production controllers directly, and it was their courage that they decided to work in the film industry. But they were shocked when they realized the real stories behind the film. It was a movie world they had never thought of, never seen before.

The pooja for the movie was held in Ernakulam on 3rd September 2021. The film will be shot in and around Ernakulam soon.

The music for the film "Kenkemam" is composed by Dhevesh R Naadh with the lyrics by Harinarayanan BK and PBS.


bhagath_imageBhagath Manuel
Levin Simon Joseph
nobyActor_imageNoby Marcose
Actorabusalim_imageAbu Salim


On Demand .. Banner, Producer
Shah Mon B .. Director, Writer
Vijay Ulaganath .. Cinematography
ziansreekanth_imageZian Sreekanth .. Editor
josephnellickal_imageJoseph Nellikkal .. Art Director
libin.o.mohanan_imageLibin Mohanan .. Makeup
bhakthan_mangadu_imageBhakthan Mangadu .. Costumes
Francis Sabu .. Background Score
Sharafu Karupadanna .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan, Shejin Aalapuzha .. Pro
Ajesh Aavani .. Stills
Collinsleophilofficial_imageCollins Leophil .. Designs

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