Kutty Daivam | കുട്ടിദൈവം (2021)

The world record-breaking "Kutty Daivam" will now be available on matinee.live and neestream.com from the 11th December

Kutty Daivam Malayalam short movie, mallurelease

Shorts | 15 October 2021
Kutty Daivam Malayalam short movie produced and directed by Suvid Wilson. Features Kripa Prakash as the lead character with Prajod Kalabhavan, Nazeer Sankranthi, Prashant Alexender, Pala Aravindan, Kannan Sagar, Shafiq Rahman, Kidu Ashique, Sudeep Karakkat, Saji Krishna, Ajeesh Jose, Ashraf Gukukkal, and Master Kashinathan in the cast. The film is scripted by renowned journalist Sajeev Ilambal and the story is from the director by himself.

The film is set to break the world record for the first realistic short film to feature a camera as a heroine. Another feature of this short movie is that each scene is shot in a single shot and the central character is not shown outside the film.

Kutty Daivam short film was released by Unnimukundan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Badusha NM through their official Facebook pages on October 15th of 2021. On 11th December 2021 'Kutty Daivam' is going to win the hearts of fans through Neestream and Matinee.live.


Kripa Prakash
Prajod Kalabhavan
Nazeer Sankranthi
Prashant Alexender
Pala Aravindan
Kannan Sagar
Shafiq Rahman
Kidu Ashique
Sudeep Karakkat
Saji Krishna
Ajeesh Jose
Ashraf Gukukkal
Master Kashinathan


Silver Owl .. Banner
Dr. Suvid Wilson .. Director, Producer
Sajeev Elampal .. Writer
Sanal Lustre .. Cinematography
Nihas Nizar .. Editor
Omanakutten .. Art Director
Nisha Balan .. Makeup
Resh Kumar .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Jomon Joy .. Production Controller
* .. Action
Shiva Prasad, Sunitha Sunil .. Pro
Arun TP .. Stills
* .. Designs


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