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Thel Malayalam movie, mallurelease

Lyrical video song of Thel Malayalam Movie has been released as a birthday present for Jassie Gift

Thel Malayalam movie, mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Thel Malayalam movie written and directed by Shafi SS Hussain. The movie features Dayana Hameed as the lead character with Nandhu Anand, Sajan Palluruthy, Saju Navodaya, and Kottayam Ramesh. Produced by Jasim S under the banner of Thanveer Creations, P Padmakumar, Jayakrishnan K, and Shafeeq are the co-producers of the movie. Cobra Rajesh, Jomon Joshi, Saravanashakthi, Riyas Narmakala, Ambani, Saji Vaiga, Sreejith, Roy Pala, Ebin, Jayakrishnan, Ramesh, Appy Hippie, Aishwarya, Swathi, Sriju Mohan, Arya Nanda, Meenakshi, Kirtana, Sandhya, Shrutika Suresh, Smriti, Nisha, Sara, Baby Tanha, Fathima, Baby Gauri Krishna, and Baby Vipanchika are the other prominent actors.

Debut singer Vibha Jayaprakash has won the hearts of the audience by singing a great song "Konji.. Konji" in her distinctive singing style in the movie. Vibha has already sung in two films. She has completed her M.Phil in Malayalam Literature and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Kerala. The song the movie was composed by Abhi Vedha with the lyrics of Sunil Krishna Gadha released by a prominent figure in the Malayalam film industry on 8th October 2021. The second song of the movie "Mazhavillin Chell" written by Chandanam Ravi and sung by Sithara Krishnakumar and Manu Thampy with music by Abhi Vedha has been released. The lyrical video song Azhakiya Puthumazhavil composed by Aneesh Chandra with the lyrics by Sunil Krishna Gadha and sung by Jassie Gift and Gayathri Vinod has been released as a birthday present for the famous singer and music director Jassie Gift releases on 27th November 2021 by Saina Music.

Thel movie will be released soon.

Lyric Video

Mazhavillin Cheelu
Abhi Vedha .. Music
Chandanam Ravi .. Lyricist
GS Manu Thampy, Sithara Krishnakumar .. Singers

Video Jukebox

Azhakiya Puthu Mazhavil
Aneesh Chandra .. Music
Sunil Krishna Gadha .. Lyricist
Jassie Gift, Gayathri Vinod .. Singers

Konji Konji
Abhi Vedha .. Music
Sunil Krishna Gadha .. Lyricist
Vibha Jayaprakash .. Singer

Thel Malayalam movie, mallurelease


Dayana Hameed
Nandhu Anand
Sajan Palluruthi
PaashanamShajiOfficial_imageSaju Navodaya
Kottayam Ramesh


Thanveer Creations .. Banner
Shafi SS Hussain .. Director, Writer
Jasim S .. Producer
Vijesh Kappara .. Cinematography
Bibin Visualdonz .. Editor
Adoor Manikuttan, Prasanth .. Art Director
Swaminathan .. Makeup
Waheed .. Costumes
Jonathan Bruce, Anit P Joy .. Background Score
Ajaygosh Paravoor .. Production Controller
Dragan Jirosh .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs


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