Thambachi | തമ്പാച്ചി

thambachi malayalam movie, thampachi, mallurelease

Thambachi movie notable character of Appani Sarath

thambachi malayalam movie, thampachi, mallurelease

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Thambachi Malayalam movie scripted and directed by newcomer Manoj T Yadav. Features Rahul Madhav, Appani Sarath, and Aaliya as the lead characters. The movie Thambachi is produced by Suneesh Samuel under the banner of True Movie Makers and Luminar Film Academy is the executive producer. Sudheer Karamana, Chembil Ashokan, Vijaya C Senan, Satheesh Vettikkavala, Joby Pala, and Rana are the other prominent actors in the movie.

The line producer of the movie Thambachi is Luminar Film Academy. The Chief Associate Director of the film Thambachi is Govindankutty and the Associate Directors are Saleesh and Rahul Krishna.

Appani Sarath is the actor who came through the movie Angamaly Diaries and got the attention of the audience. Sarath has received rave reviews for his performances in a way that does not even make him look like a newcomer, and has since announced his presence in a number of films and he is playing the lead role in the movie.

The Music and Background Score for the movie Thambachi is composed by Bijibal with the lyrics written by Sumesh Sadanand.

The first look poster of the movie Thampachi was unveiled by great stars through their Facebook pages on 8th December 2021.

The filming of the movie Thampachi started in Kollam Peruman.

Video Jukebox

Mazhayum Thengi Ninnu
Bijibal .. Music
Sumesh Sadanand .. Lyricist
Sangeetha Srikanth .. Singer

thambachi malayalam movie, thampachi, mallurelease

thambachi malayalam movie, thampachi, mallurelease


SarathkumarLive_imageSarath Appani as Suran
ActorRahulMadhav_imageRahul Madhav
sudirkaramana_imageSudheer Karamana
chembil.ashokan_imageChembil Ashokan
Vijaya C Senan
Satheesh Vettikkavala
Joby Pala


True Movie Makers .. Banner
Manoj T Yadav .. Director
Suneesh Samuel .. Producer
* .. Writer
Reju R Ambadi .. Cinematography
getayoobkhan_imageAyoob Khan .. Editor
Sila Anil .. Art Director
Sinilal .. Makeup
Suresh Fitwell .. Costumes
bijibal.maniyil_imageBijibal .. Background Score
Balachandran Manchadi .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Remzeen Bava .. Stills
Anulal Magic Lamp .. Designs

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