Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum | രാഘവേട്ടന്‍റെ 16 ഉം രാമേശ്വരയാത്രയും

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Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum movie teaser out

Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswarayathrayum movie, mallurelease

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Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswarayathrayum Malayalam comedy movie is written and directed by Sujith S Nair with the dialogues by Sinu Sagar. Features Renji Panicker as the title character "Raghavettan" with Indrans, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Sudheer Karamana, MA Nishad, Chandunath, Vinod Kovoor, Sinoj Varghese, Gopu Kiran, Aristo Suresh, Nelson, Nobby, Jayakumar, Shibu Laban, Attukal Thampi, Sunil Vikram, Drupad Pradeep, Shiva Murali, Sudheesh Kalady, Sethu Lakshmi, Aparna, Lakshmi, Ashin Kiran, Manju Pathrose and Bindu Pradeep are also in the lead characters. The movie Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yathrayum is produced by Aashin Kiran under the banner of Kirans Productions and Gopukiran Sadasivan is the executive producer. The dialogues for the film are penned by Sinusagar.
Sujith S Nair | Gopukiran Sadasivan

An accident that happens in a house after a death is the main theme of the movie which is presented as a full-length comedy. The major locations of the movie Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum are Thiruvananthapuram and Rameswaram.

The title poster of the movie Raghavettante 16rum Rameswarayathrayum was unveiled on the official page of Suraj Venjaramoodu on 11th February 2022. Prominent Malayalam actors and directors shared the poster on their social media pages.

raghavettante pathinarum rameswarayathrayum malayalam movie, mallurelease

The teaser of the movie 'Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum' has been released on 28th April 2022 through the official pages of Renji Panicker, Lijo Jose Pellissery, and Antony Varghese. The teaser starts with the fiery speech of Comrade Raghavettan and then presents the audience with a combination of thought and laughter. The teaser released by Saina Movies has already taken over social media.

raghavettante pathinarum rameswarayathrayum malayalam movie, mallurelease

The shooting of the movie Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum began with the pooja held in Thiruvananthapuram on 23rd March 2022.

raghavettante 16um rameshwearam yathraum mallurelease

The music of the movie Raghavettante Pathinarum Rameswaram Yatrayum is composed by Ronnie Raphael.

raghavettante 16um rameshwearam yathraum mallurelease

raghavettante 16um rameshwearam yathraum mallurelease


renji.panicker.7_imageRenji Panicker
surajofficialpage_imageSuraj Venjaramoodu
sudirkaramana_imageSudheer Karamana
nishad.mohamed.7_imageMA Nishad
vinod_kovoor_imageVinod Kovoor
sinoj.varghese.35_imageSinoj Varghese
Gopu Kiran
Aristo Suresh
Shibu Laban
Attukal Thampi
Sunil Vikram
Drupad Pradeep
Shiva Murali
Sudheesh Kalady
sethu_lakshmi_imageSethu Lakshmi
Ashin Kiran
manju.pathrose.9_imageManju Pathrose
Bindu Pradeep


Kirans Productions .. Banner
Sujith S Nair .. Director, Writer
Aashin Kiran .. Producer
Gowtham Lenin .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
Manoj Green Woods .. Art Director
Sagar .. Makeup
Sreejith .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Kichi Poojappura .. Production Controller
* .. Action
ajay.thundathil.1_imageAjay Thundathil .. Pro
Sabu Kottapuram .. Stills
Pramesh Prabhakar, SKD Design Faktory .. Designs
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