Vinod Guruvayoor New Movie

vinod guruvayoor movies, mallurelease

Vinod Guruvayoor with car racing movie

vinod guruvayoor movies, mallurelease

The new movie will be a travel thriller related to the Himalayan car rally. Director cum scriptwriter Vinod Guruvayoor started writing for the new movie. Along with a prominent Malayalam actor, there will be leading actors from the Tamil and Hindi film industries. The new story is told on the biggest canvas ever made by the director Vinod. For the first time in Mollywood, the story is told in the context of full-length car racing.

The main locations of the movie are the Himalayas, a mountain range separating India from Tibet and Chennai. Since it is a big-budget movie so more preparations are needed. The previously planned movie 'Prathi Pranayathilaanu' has been postponed to next year.

vinod guruvayoor movies, mallurelease

Director Vinod Guruvayoor is thrilled to see a dream project come true. Vinod said that if there is anyone who has participated in car racing, need their help. There will be a huge number of technicians in Indian cinema, along with the movie.

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