Aanandam Paramanandam | ആനന്ദം പരമാനന്ദം (2022)

anandam paramanandam malayalam movie, anandam paramanandam song, mallurelease

Shafi's Aanandam Paramanandam Malayalam movie release

Famous director Shafi's Aanandam Paramanandam in theaters now

anandam paramanandam malayalam movie, anandam paramanandam song, mallurelease

23 December 2022
Aanandam Paramanandam Malayalam perfect family, humor, entertainer movie is directed by the famous director Shafi, who has given many movies to Malayali audiences to laugh at. Features Sharaf U Dheen and Indrans as the central characters in the film Aanandham Paramaanandham with Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam fame Anagha Narayanan as the heroine. The movie is produced by OP Unnikrishnan, Santosh Jacob Vallakalil, PS Premanandan, Jayagopal PS, and K Madhu under the banner of Saptha Tharang Creation Pvt. Ltd., after Panchavarnathatha and Aanakkallan. Aju Varghese, Indrans, Baiju Santhosh, Sadiq, Kichu Tellus, Krishnachandran, Shalu Rahim, Kijan Raghavan, Parava fame Govind V Pai, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Praveena, and Nisha Sarangh are also in pivotal roles. M Sindhuraj wrote the screenplay for the perfect family comedy and a bit of fantasy accompanied movie who has given the Malayali audience many superhits from his pen. The chief associate director for the film Aanandam Paramanandam is Riyas Basheer and Rajeev Shetty.

The movie tells the story of friendship and relationships in a perfect rural setting through funny and heartwarming moments. The story revolves around the postman Diwakara Kurup, who has retired from his professional life and has entered a leisure life, and a young man named PP Girish, who comes from the Gulf with the dream of getting married. The film Aanandam Paramanandam depicts the relationship between the two and the events that arise through it. The presence of many characters who show interesting performances through them also makes this film very attractive.

Indrans and SharafUDheen are playing the central characters in the film as Diwakarakurup and PP Girish. Aju Varghese's Mulakitta Gopi is another interesting character and Baiju Santhosh's Sudhan Aliyan.

shafi-and-sindhuraj-movie mallurelease

Shafi and M Sindhuraj for the first time

Director Shafi and screenwriter Sindhuraj have proved their presence in Malayalam cinema by making several hits and this is the first time that Shafi and Sindhuraj have teamed up for a movie.

shafi-and-sindhuraj-movie mallurelease

The shooting of the movie started on 18th April 2022 with a simple ceremony held at the Anamari Kottayambalam Subramanya Temple in Palakkad, Kollengode. K Babu MLA lighted the Bhadradeepam in a simple ceremony attended by crews and relatives. Then OP Unnikrishnan, Santhosh Vallakalil, M Sindhuraj, Krishnachandran, and Vanitha Krishna Chandran completed the function. The switch-on was done by Madhu K and PS Premanandan and Jaya Gopal gave the first clap. Sharafudheen, Aju Varghese, Baiju, Sadiq, and Anagha Narayanan were present on the occasion. Anandam Paramanandam, which has completed shooting in and around Kollengode in Palakkad and surrounding areas.

Mammooka released the first look poster of the film Aanandam Paramanandam which entertained the audience a lot through Mammootty's Facebook page on 31st August 2022 and the title was designed by Tenpoint.

The major locations of the film are Kollengode, Nenmara, and Koduvayur in the Palakkad district. The official trailer of Aanandam Paramanandam directed by Shafi has been released on 16th December 2022.

The music for the movie is composed by Shaan Rahman with the lyrics by Manu Manjith and sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Harisankar, Pranavam Sasi, and Meenakshi Anoop. Dinesh master is the dance choreographer of the film.

Aanandam Paramanandam movie was released in theaters by Saptha Tharang Release on December 23rd of 2022. The film Aanandam Paramanandam is a clean entertainer that can be enjoyed by the family during Christmas. The Malayalam film Aanandam Paramaanandam streaming soon on Manorama MAX, and Simply South overseas.



* .. Music
* .. Lyricist

1. Akkare Nikkana
Vineeth Sreenivasan, Pranavam Sasi .. Singers
2. Kanneer Mazhakkaru
Meenakshi .. Singer
3. Enthinente Nenjinullile
K S Harisankar, Meenakshi Anoop .. Singers

Audio Jukebox

Video Jukebox

Kanneer Mazhakkaru
Shaan Rahman .. Music
Manu Manjith .. Lyricist
Meenakshi .. Singer

Enthinente Nenjinullile
Shaan Rahman .. Music
Manu Manjith .. Lyricist
KS Harisankar, Meenakshi Anoop .. Singers

Akkare Nikkana
Shaan Rahman .. Music
Manu Manjith .. Lyricist
Vineeth Sreenivasan, Pranavam Sasi .. Singers


An alcoholic postman in retirement, Divakara Kurup struggles with drinking. He admits that his alcoholism has had an impact on his family, and he doesn't want his daughter to experience the same problems. Unfortunately, Anupama, his daughter, chooses to wed Girish, a man who also has an alcohol addiction, out of rage. In Aanandam Paramanandam, we observe Divakara Kurup's grand strategy to save his daughter's life by curing Girish of his alcoholism.


SharafUDheenOfficial_imageSharaf U Dheen
AjuVargheseOfficial_imageAju Varghese
actorbaiju.kumar_imageBaiju Santhosh
Anagha Narayanan
Govind V Pai
vanitha.krishnachandran_imageVanitha Krishnachandran
Nisha Sarangh


sapthatharangcinema_imageSaptha Tharang .. Banner
directorshafi_imageShafi .. Director
OP Unnikrishnan, Santosh Jacob Vallakalil, PS Premanandan, Jayagopal PS, K Madhu .. Producers
m.sindhuraj_imageM Sindhuraj .. Writer
manoj.pillai.986_imageManoj Pillai .. Cinematography
getsaajan_imageV Saajan .. Editor
arkanskarma.arkan_imageArkan S Karma .. Art Director
pattanam.rasheed.5_imagePattanam Rasheed .. Makeup
Sameera.Official_imageSameera Saneesh .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
dixon.t.poduthas_imageDixon Poduthas .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
harithirumala_imageHari Thirumala .. Stills
pramesh.psnair_imagePramesh Prabhakar .. Designs
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