devika malayalam movie, mallurelease

Devika Malayalam movie release

devika malayalam movie, mallurelease

Devika Malayalam movie is directed by Jibin George James. Features Maanav, Athira Madhav, Singer Gayatri Suresh, Rajan Idukki, Ardra Das, and Sreekanth S as the lead characters. The movie Devika is produced by S Sarangapani under the banner of Focus Film Studio. The script of the film Devika is written by Sivaprasad Ramachandran Ikkara.

The film depicts the general attitude of Indian society regarding women. Our society has defined a woman's identity inside the limits of her body and attire, and if she appears to be anything less than what they expect in their petty vision, she is classified as a slut. This viewpoint should be questioned.

The woman should be treated as a self-contained individual. Women enjoy the same rights and freedoms as males in a democratic society. It is not a case of males being generous. We are attempting to communicate the overall mindset of people through Devika. Certain information is not revealed when a person narrates or explains an incident. As a result, the truth that is being told will shift. What we discover when revealing all the blind spots and angles is the genuine truth. Only by looking at it from all angles can the true truth be discovered.

The film Devika won more than 40 awards.

Devika movie was released as an OTT release.


Devika, a model, claims she was drugged and raped while screening for a film. At the same time, Devika's friend Naresh comes forward and claims that he was with her that day and that they both had sex with each other's consent and that it wasn't rape. The situation is revisited during an interview, showing both their personalities and the facts.

devika malayalam movie, mallurelease

devika malayalam movie, mallurelease


Athira Madhav as Devika
Maanav as Naresh
Gayatri Suresh as Interviewer
Rajan Idukki as Interviewer
Ardra Das as The Noblewomen
Sreekanth S as Assistant


Focus Film Studio .. Banner
Jibin George James .. Director
S Sarangapani .. Producer
Sivaprasad Ramachandran Ikkara .. Writer
Jithin Francis .. Cinematography
Jobins Sebastian .. Editor
Lijith N Gangadharan .. Art Director
Vineesh Murali .. Makeup
Bisqom Boutique .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
Peethambaran Pazhamthottam, Jibin Photopark .. Stills
Unni .. Designs


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