Naalam Mura | നാലാം മുറ (2022)

naalam mura malayalam movie mallurelease

Biju Menon v/s Guru Somasundaram in Deepu Anthikkad's Naalam Mura Malayalam movie

The "Naalammura" digital release

naalam mura malayalam movie mallurelease

UA | Thriller | 23 December 2022 | 1h:48m:23s
Naalam Mura Malayalam investigative crime thriller movie is directed by Deepu Anthikkad after Lucky Star set in the high range. Features Biju Menon and Guru Somasundaram in Naalam Mura as the lead roles with Divya Pillai as the heroine. Alencier Ley Lopez, Alexander Prasanth, Drishyam 2 fame Santhi Priya, Sheelu Abraham, Shyam Jacob, Sijoy Varghese, Rishi Suresh, Shivraj, C Joy Varghese, Shivaraj and Thanneer Mathan Dinangal fame Vaishakh also play the lead roles. The movie Naalam Mura is produced by Sudheesh Pillai of Lakshminath Creations, Kishore Wariyath (USA) of UFI Motion Pictures, and Shibu Anthikad of Celebrands. Shabu Anthikad is the executive producer and Images Ad Films is the line producer. The screenplay for the film Naalam Mura is written by crime branch officer Sooraj V Dev and Deepu Anthikkad is the co-writer. The chief associate director for the film Naalam Mura is Nithin Michael and the associate directors are Amritha Sivadas and Abhilash S Parol.

Director Deepu has taken a completely different approach to the film. From the beginning to the end, the presentation of the movie keeps the viewer on the edge of excitement.

Guru Somasundaram is the only actor from South India to win Netflix's Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award. After this recognition, the film Naalam Mura has a lot of significance as it is the film in which Guru Somasundaram plays an important role. The pan-Indian movie Naalam Mura can be enjoyed by people of all languages and nationalities alike. It is also a film that incorporates innovative styles of exploration.

deepu anthikkad new movie mallurelease

The untitled movie was started on 16th April at the Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, near the Nedumbassery Airport in Ernakulam with a very simple ceremony. The event was attended only by activists and relatives and began with the lighting of the first Bhadradeepam by Mrs. Radha Menon the mother of producer Kishore Wariyath. Guru Somasundaram, Sudheesh Pillai, Biju Menon, Alencier, cinematographer Loganathan, and director Deepu Anthikkad completed the function. Mrs. Asha Kishore has done the switch-on action and Nivedita Shibu gave the first clap. After the pooja, scenes were shot at the airport featuring Biju Menon, Guru Somasundaram, Alencier, Prashanth Alexander, and Shyam.

deepu anthikkad new movie mallurelease

The major locations of the movie are Peerumedu, Vandiperiyar, Kumaly, and Thekkady in the Idukki district. The motion poster of Deepu Anthikkad's investigative crime thriller film Naalam Mura was released on 14th September 2022. By releasing the teaser of the film 'Naalam Mura' on 22nd October 2022, the makers have created a lot of curiosity about the film among the audience. Starring Biju Menon and Guru Somasundaram in the lead roles, the film is purely a suspense thriller and the teaser makes it clear. It is presented as a Pan-Indian film. The presentation of the movie is going to be enjoyed equally by all the audience of India. A clean thriller with all the ingredients of a suspense thriller.

The music for the film Naalam Mura is composed by Kailas Menon with the lyrics by Sreejith Unnikrishnan and the background music is scored by Gopi Sundar. The first from 'Naalam Mura' is out on 21st September 2022. The song starts with "Kolunthu Nullini Kolukumalaile Penne" and has been released as a lyrical video. This song, which is performed in the footsteps of a folk song, has already become very popular. Guru Somasundaram and Surabhi Santosh are the actors in the Kolunthu song. The song is presented in the background of a tea garden. A beautiful visual experience and an interesting presentation lead the audience to the memories of our country. Biju Menon, Alencier, Prashant Alexander, and Shyam Jacob also appear in this song. The Naalam Mura is a purely investigative thriller film. The question may arise as to what the relevance of such a song scene in such a film and the picture will give you the answer. Investigation films can be presented in a number of ways and Naalam Mura takes a completely different detective style.

Naalam Mura movie was released in theaters by Images Ad Films & Animations on December 23rd of 2022. The movie was planned to release in theaters on October 21st of 2022 and was postponed. The Malayalam movie Naalaam Mura streaming from 17th February 2023 on Manorama Max and Simply South.

Motion Poster


Lyric Video

Disha Ariyathe
Kailas .. Music
Sreejith Unnikrishnan .. Lyricist
Kapil Kapilan .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Aa Oru Nottam
Kailas .. Music
Sreejith Unnilkrishnan .. Lyricist
Devika Babu .. Singer

Kailas .. Music
Sreejith Unnilkrishnan .. Lyricist
Vaishnav Girish .. Singer


After serving in the middle east for two years, Jayesh is now coming home. At his house, everyone is waiting for him. However, the crime branch decides to detain him in connection with a case that largely has little to do with Jayesh. The criminal branch has a very small window to persuade Jayesh to tell the truth because they don't have a valid warrant, and what we see in Naalam Mura are their strategies to get Jayesh to confess.

naalam mura malayalam movie mallurelease


IamBijuMenon_imageBiju Menon as Jayaraj
GuruSomasundaram_imageGuru Somasundaram as Jayesh
alencier.ley_imageAlencier Ley Lopez as Subair
prasanthpalex_imagePrasanth Alexander as Job
divya.pillai.338_imageDivya Pillai as Mini
Santhi Priya as SP Reema
Sheeluabrahamofficial_imageSheelu Abraham as Suma
Rishi Suresh as Girijan
surabhi.santosh.3_imageSurabhi Santosh as Dream Girl
Shiny Sarah as Jayesh's Mother


UFI Motion Pictures, Lakshminath Creations, Celebrands .. Banner
Deepu Anthikkad .. Director, Writer
Kishore Wariyath, Sudheesh Pillai, Shibu Anthikad .. Producers
Sooraj V Dev .. Writer
loganathan.srinivasan.3_imageS Lokanathan .. Cinematography
shameer.km2_imageShameer Muhammed .. Editor
Appunni Sajan .. Art Director
ronex_xavior_imageRonex Xavier .. Makeup
Nayana Srikanth .. Costumes
Official.GopiSundar_imageGopi Sundar .. Background Score
javed.chempu.7_imageJaved Chempu .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi, Salim Baba .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose, Jinu Anilkumar .. Pro
Sibi Chiran .. Stills
Abhilash Chacko .. Designs
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