c/o 56APO: Army Post Office

c/o 56apo malayalam movie mallurelease

Aashiq Abu - actress Mythili's C/o 56APO Malayalam movie

c/o 56apo malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
C/O 56 APO Malayalam short film is directed by Anoop Oommen who is also a cinematographer. Features director Aashiq Abu and actress Mythili (Brighty Balachandran) in c/o 56APO as the lead characters. The story and screenplay for the film c/o 56APO are written by the director Anoop Oommen himself.

C/o56APO is a movie shot on a single roll of super 8mm film without the use of retakes, editing, or grading. The film c/o 56APO was among the top 25 in the International Film Festival called Straight 8. After shooting, the film roll is sent directly to them and then they open the film. The music was composed by Bijibal just after watching the storyboard. The music track is sent to them and they themselves finalize the music on the exposed movie, a completely new experience. This is the first Malayalam film to be chosen for the Festival




Bodhi Silent Scape .. Banner
Anoop Oommen .. Director, Writer, Cinematography
* .. Producer
* .. Editor
Suresh Theyyala .. Art Director
Jijeesh .. Makeup
mashar.hamza_imageMashar Hamsa .. Costumes
bijibal.maniyil_imageBijibal .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
Hazil M Jalal .. Stills
Ashly Leophil .. Designs

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