Dhabari Quruvi | ധബാരി ക്യൂരുവി: Sparrow It's father is unknown

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The world outside the forest is mine, the teaser of Priyanandanan's 'Dhabari Quruvi' is out

The film will be released on January 5

dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Dhabari Quruvi movie is directed by Priyanandanan TR. Features Meenakshi, Shyamini, Anuprasobhini, Nanjiyamma, Muruki, Mallika, Gokri Gopalakrishnan, Murugan, and Krishnadas. The movie Dhabari Quruvi is produced by Vinayaka Ajith and Aevas Visual Magic under the banner of Ajith Vinayaka Films Private Limited and Aevas Visual Magic. The screenplay for the film Dhabari Quruvi is written by Priyanandanan, Kuppuswamy Maruthan, Smitha Sailesh, KB Hari, and Lijo Panadan from the story of the director Priyanandanan TR.

The chief associate director for the film Dhabari Quruvi is Sabin Kattungal, the associate director is P Ayyappadas and Abu Valayamkulam is the casting director.

"I own the world that's outside the forest." She responds resolutely, "I also want to live in that world with dignity." The crew has unveiled Dhabari Quruvi's teaser. For the first time in international cinema, National Award winner Priyanandanan directed a film in which all of the Tribal members acted. The entire movie uses Irula's language. Filming in the vicinity of Attappady.

The movie tells the survival story of a tribal girl. The film had already held the URF world record for the only feature film starring Adivasis. The movement of the film is in the background of tribal customs. The movie is the first feature film in history to only feature tribal people and was entirely produced in the Irula language.

For the first time in the world, cinema mobilized the tribal community through eminent director Priyanandanan's 'Dhabari Quruvi' has been selected for the Indian Panorama. The film was recently selected for the International Film Festival of Kerala - IFFK. Director Priyanandanan responded that he sees this recognition as a proud moment. Much love and thanks to the producers Vinayaka Ajith sir and Aivaz Visual Magic for making it possible.

The film's director Priyanandanan about the movie 'Dhabari Quruvi'

In Dhabari Quruvi, the different life views of tribal women who seek the sky on the wings of their own dreams are lined up. The victim girl and the girl survivor of the insecure tribal society face each other in Dhabari Quruvi. The film puts forward the message of ladies' survival.

For the first time in Indian cinema, there is a film starring only tribal people. Many actors in the film have never seen a film. I find it a proud challenge to make a film starring people constantly mocked by mainstream life.

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For those who stood by, and For those who stand, Cinema Salaam.

The music for the film Dhabari Quruvi is composed by PK Sunilkumar with the lyrics of Noora Varikkodan and RK Ramesh Attappady. The first song from Dhabari Quruvi was released on 5 December 2023. Meenakshi sings in Dhabarikyuruvi, a wild honey-sweet "Chinna Chinna..." song. The soothing melody and coolness of the wild bells are blended throughout the tune. Every song in the movie evokes the distinctive woodland instruments and the rudimentary rhythms of the forest.

Dhabari Quruvi (The bird whose father is unknown) movie will be World Premiered at 2022 IFFI - 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa on November 24th of 2022 at 9:30 AM at the Indian Panorama, Feature Films section.


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* .. Music
* .. Lyricist
Radhakrishnan Attapdi .. Singer

Chinna Chinna
PK Sunilkumar .. Music
Noora Varikkodan, RK Attappady .. Lyricist
Meenakshi .. Singer


The tale of a gullible tribal girl who emerges from the ashes to declare her one and only claims to her body and the choices made regarding it. Dhabari Quruvi is a mythical bird from a folktale whose father is unknown. The background of tribal customs and culture is essential to the story.

dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease
dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease

dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease


Gokri Gopalakrishnan


Ajith Vinayaka Films .. Banner
Aevas Visual Magic .. Banner, Producer
priyanandanan.tr_imagePriyanandanan TR .. Director, Writer
Vinayaka Ajith .. Producer
Kuppuswamy Maruthan, Smitha Sailesh, KB Hari, Lijo Panadan .. Writers
aswaghoshan.tp_imageAswaghoshan .. Cinematography
Ekalavyan .. Editor
Suresh Babu Nandana .. Art Director
jithu_payyannur_imageJithu Payyannur .. Makeup
Adithya Nanu .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Sanjaypal .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
jayaprakash.athaloor_imageJayaprakash Athaloor .. Stills
Salim Rahman .. Designs

dhabari quruvi movie, dhabari kuruvi, mallurelease
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