Family | ഫാമിലി (2024)

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Don Palathara's Family Malayalam movie

family malayalam movie 2022, family malayalam movies new, family malayalam movie songs, mallurelease

22 February 2024
Family Malayalam movie is an intriguing tale directed by Don Palathara. Features Vinay Forrt in Family as the lead character with Nilja K Baby, Divya Prabha, Mathew Thomas, and Abhija Sivakala. The movie Family is produced under the banner of Newton Cinema and the team Newton Cinema are Anto Chittilappilly, Jyothi Krishna, and Sanita Chittilappilly. The screenplay for the film Family is written by the director Don Palathara and Sherin Catherine.

Jaleel Badusha is the director of photography of the film Family, and the editor is Don Palathara. The first associate director of the movie Family is Vipin Vijayan and the assistant directors are Kenshin and Ramith Kunhimangalam.

The movie Family was announced on 5th November 2022.

The music for the film 'Family' is composed by Basil CJ and the location Sync Sound is recorded by Adarsh Joseph Palamattam.

Family movie by Don Palathara in cinemas on February 22, 2024.


Sony is a teacher and comes from a very traditional Christian home. He used to manage a children's tuition class, but he is currently solely focused on home tuition while he waits for a permanent position as a teacher. The film depicts a sequence of events that take place in that town, and from it all, we learn more about Sony and how he is viewed and shielded in that society.


vinayfort_imageVinay Forrt
Mathew Thomas
iamsajithamadathil_imageSajitha Madathil
Jolly Chirayath
abhija_sivakala_imageAbhija Sivakala
Nilja K Baby
Arsha Baiju
Hridesh TB
Manoj Panicker
Beena Thankachan
Kumar Sethu
Pradeep Kumar
Jain Andrews
Chilamban Joseph
Indira KK
Sunitha Dinesh


Newton Cinema .. Banner, Producer
Don Palathara .. Director, Writer, Editor
Sherin Catherine .. Writer
Jaleel Badusha .. Cinematography
Arun Jose .. Art Director
mitta.antonymx_imageMitta Antony .. Makeup
Arsha Unnithan .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
* .. Stills
Dileep Daz .. Designs
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