Production controller Eldo Selvaraj allegations with Film Development Corporation | ചലച്ചിത്ര വികസന കോർപ്പറേഷൻ ആർക്ക് വേണ്ടി? ആരോപണങ്ങളുമായി പ്രൊഡക്ഷൻ കൺട്രോളർ എൽദോ സെൽവരാജ്

Kerala State Film Development Corporation for whom?

Production controller Eldho Selvaraj with allegations

P Siva Prasad
Production controller Eldho Selvaraj wrote on Facebook about his experience when he came to Thiruvananthapuram Chitranjali Studio for the dubbing work of the film Kambam, directed by production controller Sudhan Raj for the first time.

Eldho says

"Please don't destroy KSFDC, give it to those who want to be rescued,"

Famous production controller Eldho Selvaraj is in the arena criticizing the Kerala State Film Development Corporation - KSFDC. The other day, when he came to Thiruvananthapuram Chitranjali Studio for the dubbing work of the film he acted in. Eldho posted a post criticizing KSFDC through social media. He has made a name for himself in cinema as an actor, director, and screenwriter.

Production controller Sudhan Raj's directorial debut film Kambam features many directors and production controllers in Malayalam cinema. Eldho Selvaraj criticizes Chitranjali Studio pointing out the limitations and shortcomings of the technical side of the post-production work of the film after completing the shooting. Eldho asks that the issue has not been resolved even though the responsible people have been informed about it, and Chitranjali's upliftment is still going on despite the government funding.

When Eldho criticizes Chitranjali KSFDC as a suspect, many people have come forward in support. It is said that many people have had the same experience. People are coming with the response that no one is responsible and tired of saying it many times, not only in the matter of dubbing, but the situation in DI - Digital Intermediate is not the other way around. Some people also share the criticism that even the board members are making films outside.

Here is his Facebook post

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