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pravu malayalam movie mallurelease

Both the Pravu film's promotional launch and the memorial service for Padmarajan were held

Megastar Mammootty released the title poster

pravu malayalam movie mallurelease

Pravu Malayalam movie based on the short story of 'The Sorcerer Of Tales' by Shri P Padmarajan is directed by Navaz Ali. Features Amit Chakkalackal, Sabumon Abdusamad, Manoj KU, Adarsh Raja, and Yami Sona in Pravu as the lead characters with Ajayan Thakazhi, Nisha Sarangh, Dini Daniel, Teena Sunil, Gayathri Nambiar, and Aleena are also acting as the main characters. The movie is produced by Thakazhi Rajasekharan under the banner of CET Cinema and the executive producer is Manju Rajasekharan. The screenplay for the film Pravu is also written by the director Navaz Ali. The chief associate director for the film Pravu is Unni KR.
pravu malayalam movie mallurelease

Megastar Mammootty released the title poster of the film 'Pravu'. The megastar, who was on tour in Tasmania an island state of Australia, launched the poster at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart. The title poster of 'Prav' was released through Dulquer Salmaan's social media page. On 30th November, Dulquer Salmaan released the title poster through his social media page.

The shooting of Pravu was started on 1st December 2022 at Vithura, the Hill City Of Trivandrum.

Celebrities from the Malayalam film industry and moviegoers gathered to remember the renowned author and filmmaker Sri Padmarajan on his birthday. On May 23, the birthday of Malayalam's beloved story writer and film director, P Padmarajan, a remembrance meeting will be held at Bharat Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram and the promotion launch of Praavu, a Malayalam film based on a short story by P Padmarajan, will be held. Padmarajan Trust and CET Cinemas jointly organized the event. Celebrities from Malayalam cinema are participating in the event. After the formal functions, there will be a musical night featuring songs from Padmarajan's super hit films.

pravu malayalam movie mallurelease

At the event, Padmarajan's wife Mrs. Radhalakshmi Padmarajan, Trust Chairman Mr. Vijayakrishnan, Film Producer Mr. Gandhimati Balan, Film Director and the Chief Associate Director of Padmarajan, Mr. Suresh Unnithan, Professor Dr. Muse Mary George, Bharat Bhavan Director, and Film Director Shri Pramod Payyannur were Shared memories in the event held at Bharat Bhavan.

During the ceremony, Sri Padmarajan's son, Ananthapadmanabhan, presented a note about his father, which was presented to the audience by Sri Dhanvantari. The note reads as follows: "I remember my father's 45th birthday. At that time, I went to Pangode Military Camp with my father's sister-in-law's son early in the morning to learn to drive. The driving guru was my father's personal manager, Mohandas. The car crashed somewhere. My father was upset when he came back. But he quickly hid that worry and said, "There will be knocks and knockings while learning to drive", He comforted Ananthiravan. When Venuchettan and Beena Chechi came with Kunjumol Malu to join him for his birthday party in the afternoon, the darkness completely cleared. In the afternoon, unexpectedly, my father received a phone call. It was MT. "If you are free in the afternoon, come to Paramount Tourist Home; I am here." . Instructed to bring me along in the group; I had written a letter to him before that. At 17, my father told me, drunk on MT, "Ready for the evening. MT wants to see you!" I was in a bubble of excitement between the two of them at night! MT says, "Write me a novel, Pappan. Our proper food is literature. I have to come back there every now and then," my father agrees. That word is the reason behind the creation of "Prathimayum Rajakumariyum". When the father returned at night, he wrote in his diary, "Today is my birthday, a day that started with anxiety and ended well." This is my father's last diary entry. After 33 years, Malayalam still remembers that birthday and celebrates it. Saying love to everyone. Then a special was prepared for the occasion, combining Padmarajan's contributions to Malayalam cinema with a documentary screened.

pravu malayalam movie mallurelease

Then the ceremony was also the venue for the promotion launch of Praavu, the film based on the story of Padmarajan. Producers of Praavu movie, Thakazhi Rajasekharan (Producer), S Manjumol (Co-Producer), Director Nawaz Ali, Actors Amit Chakkalackal, Advocate Sabumon Abdusamad, KU Manoj, Aji Dhanvanthari and other stars also spoke about the movie at the promotion launch of the movie Praavu. This was followed by a music night featuring songs from Padmarajan's super hit films performed by renowned playback singer Manacaud Gopan.

The music for the film 'Pravu' is composed by Bijibal with the lyrics by BK Harinarayanan.


AmithChakalakkalalactor_imageAmith Chakalakkal
SabumonOfficial_imageSabumon Abdusamad
Manoj KU
Adarsh Raja
sona.meenu.54_imageYami Sona
Ajayan Thakazhi
Nisha Sarangh
Dini Daniel
Teena Sunil
Gayathri Nambiar


CET Cinema .. Banner
Navaz Ali .. Director, Writer
Thakazhi Rajasekharan .. Producer
Antony Jo .. Cinematography
Jovin John .. Editor
Anish Gopal .. Art Director
Jayan Poonkulam .. Makeup
arun.manohar.583_imageArun Manohar .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
deepa.parameswran_imageDeepak Parameswaran .. Production Controller
* .. Action
pratheeshsekhars_imagePratheesh Sekhar .. Pro
Faza Lul Haq .. Stills
panachevfx_imagePanache .. Designs

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