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dharani malayalam movie mallurelease

Dharani Malayalam movie release

Mammooka was with the Gods for me, director Sreevallabhan B

dharani malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Dharani Malayalam movie is directed by Sreevallabhan B. The movie Dharani is produced under the banner of Parallax Film House and the executive producers are K Ramesh and Saju Lal. The story and screenplay for the film are written by director Sreevallabhan himself. The chief associate director of the film Dharani is Binil B Babu.

For me, Mammooka was with the Gods

'I came without anyone's recommendation', Mammooka gave a mass reply to the fan. A post written by director Sreevallabhan B sharing his experience is going viral. This is the note written on the occasion of the release of his third film 'Dharani'.

dharani malayalam movie, sreevallabhan director, mallurelease

In the director's words

When I was a fan, I once asked Mammooka, 'I want to work as an assistant director, would you recommend me to a director?' The answer came immediately. I came without anyone's recommendation. So always understand the price of the movie. Try it yourself and then come to a level."

When someone like Mammooka, who was enshrined in my heart with the gods, said that, I was completely devastated. It hurt me a lot. But later those words inspired me.

Struggled for years to find a chance to study directing. Later worked as an assistant director with Film director Sharvi sir and become an Associate Director.

When the opportunity came to become an independent director, Mammooka's face was the first to appear. My first step was to direct a documentary based on Mammooka's life called "Snehapoorvam Mammootty".

A thousand thanks to Mammooka, who has been with me for all four films I have directed since then.

The music and background score of the film is composed by Pandit Ramesh Narayan.

Dharani movie will be released in theaters in February 2023.


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Vaave Vaavavo
Pandit Ramesh Narayan .. Music
Lalichan Devasia .. Lyricist
Pandita Tripti Mukherjee .. Singer

dharani malayalam movie mallurelease




Parallax Film House .. Banner
Sreevallabhan B .. Director, Writer
* .. Producer
Jiju Sunny .. Cinematography
K Sreenivas .. Editor
mahesh.maheshsridhar_imageMahesh Sridhar .. Art Director
Lal Karamana .. Makeup
Sreejith Kumarapuram .. Costumes
Pandit Rameshnarayan .. Background Score
hari.venjaaramood_imageHari Venjarmoodu .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran, Sunitha Sunil .. Pro
Vipin Das Chullikkal .. Stills
* .. Designs

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