Roy Kanda Malakha | റോയി കണ്ട മാലാഖ

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Cinematographer Sameer Illyas Roy Kanda Malakha to the audience

The story of Malakha who loves traveling and Roy who falls in love with her

roy kanda malakha song, roy kanda malakha malayalam, mallurelease

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Roy Kanda Malakha is a Malayalam short film directed by Jaysundar. Features young cinematographer Sameer Illyas in Roy Kanda Malakha as the lead character. The female lead in this love-and-romance-centered film is Neethu Nandan. Aristo Suresh and Jayakumari are other celebrities. The film Roy Kanda Malakha is written and produced by Sameer Illyas. The associate director of the film Roy Kanda Malakha is Shyam Mohan.

The film depicts the tale of Malakha, who enjoys traveling, and a young man named Roy, and their romantic relationship. An angel who enjoys traveling but is concerned about getting lost. Roy develops feelings for her without ever meeting her.

February 14 is Valentine's Day, the day of love for couples. On the day a new chapter of heart-touching love begins, the first look poster of Roy Kanda Malakha is released. The title of the film Roy Kanda Malakha is designed by Vineesh.

The music for the film 'Roy Kanda Malakha' is composed by Sreekumar Vasudev and Sangeet Kumar. The lyrics were penned by Sajith Hassan, Aristo Suresh, Lakshman Acharya and sung by Sreekumar Vasudev, Vandana, Lakshman Acharya, Aristo Suresh, and Sreelekshmi SS.

The first screening of the film Roy Kanda Malakha will be held on Sunday, August 20 at 9.30 am at Venjaramoodu Sindhu Cinemas.


Sameer Illyas
Neethu Nandan
Aristo Suresh


* .. Banner
Jaysundar .. Director
Sameer Illyas .. Producer, Cinematography
* .. Writer
Balu Venpakal, Sunil Mohan, Alraj .. Cinematography
Amal G Sathyan .. Editor
* .. Art Director
Vineesh Madathil .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
Sreekumar Vasudev .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
rahim.panavoor_imageRahim Panavoor .. Pro
Yasir Aseem .. Stills
V Design .. Designs

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