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Prasanth Mambully again with movie 'Juliana'

The trailer is out

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Juliana is a Malayalam survival thriller movie that has never been tried in world cinema written and directed by Prasanth Mambully. The movie Juliana is produced by Shinoy Mathew under the banner of Pen and Paper Creations and Badushaa Cinemas of Badusha NM in association with Kombara Films of Gireesh Kombara.

The cinematography of the film is handled by Sudheer Surendran and Sagar Dass does the editing. The executive producers are Neethu Shinoy and Manju Badusha and the chief executive producers are Jibin Joseph Kalarickaparambil and Shibu Mathew. The chief associate director of the film Juliana is Umesh S Nair. The line producers are Manju Koruthu (CANADA) and Roshitlal V.

The main character, who gets into a risky situation and strives to get out of it, is the center of the story. In addition to having just one character, "Juliana" is the first movie of its kind ever made because the main character's face is never revealed. Moreover, "Juliana" is the first survival film without dialogue ever made. The director and crew are providing an opportunity for viewers from all over the world to enjoy "Juliana" a movie about love and hope, without encountering linguistic hurdles. The viewer can feel the character's self-conflict and efforts through the character's body language and facial expressions.

Janapriya actor Dileep unveiled the trailer for the movie "Juliana" at the success event of his new movie, "Voice of Sathyanathan" on 18th August 2023. Meanwhile, superstar Prithviraj posted the most exciting and thrilling official trailer online via his social media accounts. The audience is responding favorably to the movie's trailer.

The music for the film 'Juliana' is composed by Ebin Pallichan.




Pen and Paper Creations, Badushaa Cinemas .. Banner
Prasanth Mambully .. Director, Writer
Shinoy Mathew, badushanm.nm_imageBadusha NM .. Producers
Sudheer Surendran .. Cinematography
Sagar Dass .. Editor
Binoy Thalakkulathur .. Art Director
Aneesh, Akshaya Ajay .. Makeup
Saranya Jeebu .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Jeebu Gopal .. Production Controller
* .. Action
athira_diljith_imageAthira Diljith .. Pro
Anija Jalan .. Stills
Williams Loyal .. Designs

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