An S P Venkatesh Musical Kittiyal Ooty

kittiyal ooty, kittiya ooty, mallurelease

Melody King SP Venkatesh's magic again

Kittiyal Ooty music video goes viral

kittiyal ooty, kittiya ooty, mallurelease

Music Video

After a while, the music video of the king of melody SP Venkatesh "Kittiyal Ooty" has already gone viral on social media.

Reminiscent of films like Kilukkam and Vettam, Kittiyal Ooty begins with two assistant directors calling an aspiring girl from Kochi to a shooting location inside a Victorian Cottage in Ooty. Meanwhile, the director, who comes there, misunderstands that she is the real heroine. But the heroine chosen by the assistant directors is preparing for the next day's shooting. One day after that misunderstanding, it was reached as a resolution.

kittiyal ooty, kittiya ooty, mallurelease

The video is directed by Joe Joseph. The director himself played the lead character Michael. It also stars Amara Raja, Clair Sara Martin, Anumodh Paul, Suhas Pattathil, and Alaka Reji.

kittiyal ooty, kittiya ooty, mallurelease

The cinematography is done by Susan Loomsaden, who is famous for her British films. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Elizabeth Dennis, daughter of famous screenwriter and director Dennis Joseph. The song Kittiyal Ooty is penned by Vinayak Sasikumar and sung by Sreekanth Hariharan and the rights are owned by Saina Music

kittiyal ooty, kittiya ooty, mallurelease


A daylong confusion-based narrative takes place in Ooty's lovely surroundings. The story follows the activities of a filmmaker, his erroneous heroine, and the real heroine who was chosen by a pair of assistant directors.


Joe Joseph
Amara Raja
Clair Sara Martin
Anumodh Paul
Suhas Pattathil
Alaka Reji


Silver Cloud Pictures .. Banner, Producer
Joe Joseph .. Director
Elizabeth Dennis .. Writer
Susan Lumsdon .. Cinematography
SP Venkatesh .. Background Score
ajay.thundathil.1_imageAjay Thundathil .. Pro

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