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Manju Warrier - Saiju Sreedharan film "Footage" first look poster

The film "Footage" starring Manju Warrier, Vishak Nair, and Gayathri Ashok

footage malayalam movie, footage malayalam movie release date, mallurelease

First Look
Footage Malayalam movie is being directed for the first time by Saiju Sreedharan, the editor of numerous successful movies such as Anjaam Pathiraa, Kumbalangi Nights, Maheshinte Prathikaaram, etc. Manju Warrier is playing the lead role in Footage. Shabna Mohammed and Saiju Sreedharan wrote the script for the movie Footage. In addition to Manju, the movie also stars Vishak Nair, Gayathri Ashok, Mamukkoya, Nanjiyamma, and many other well-known actors. Bineesh Chandran and Saiju Sreedharan are in charge of producing the movie Footage under the banners of Movie Bucket, Pale Blue Dot Productions, and Cast n' Co Entertainments.

The DOP of the Footage film is Sharath George Benny and director Saiju Sreedharan himself is responsible for the film editing. Suraj Menon and Rahul Rajeev collaborated to co-produce the film. Prinish Prabhakaran is the chief associate director of the film Footage and Aneesh P Salim is the line producer.

The first look poster of Saiju Sreedharan's directorial debut "Footage" starring Manju Warrier was released on 14 February 2024.

The announcement poster of the film "Footage" was released by the students of KR Narayanan Institute on 23rd March 2023. The film "Footage" directed by editor Saiju Sreedharan starring Manju Warrier, has begun filming close to Thrissur Chimmony Dam. The ceremony for turning it on was conducted by Manju Warrier on 20th May 2023.

The making style, Found footage is used in the film Footage. This is the first time a film of this kind of movie is coming out in Mollywood. Thodupuzha and the nearby areas are being used for the filming of the movie Footage.

Found Footage Genre

Found footage is a cinematic method in which the entire work—or a significant portion of it—is presented as if it were a film that had been found. The actions on television are frequently observed through the eyes of one or more of the participants, and frequently their real-time, off-camera comments are included. Shaky camera work and genuine acting are frequently used, and the cinematography may even be done by the actors as they play. The video may be shown as if it were "raw" and complete or as if the people who "discovered" it turned it into a story. The approach is most frequently used in horror movies.

The music and background score for the movie "Footage" is being composed by Sushin Shyam.

The much-awaited Manju Warrier film is being released by Martin Prakkat Films in May 2024.

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theManjuWarrier_imageManju Warrier
therealvishaknair_imageVishak Nair
Gayathri Ashok


Movie Bucket, Pale Blue Dot Productions, Cast n' Co Entertainments .. Banner
saijusreedharan_imageSaiju Sreedharan .. Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
Bineesh Chandran .. Producer
Shabna Mohammed .. Writer
Sharath George Benny .. Cinematography
Appunni Sajan .. Art Director
ronex_xavior_imageRonex Xavier .. Makeup
Sameera.Official_imageSameera Saneesh .. Costumes
sushinshyam_imageSushin Shyam .. Background Score
Kishore Purakkattiri .. Production Controller
Irfan Ameer .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh, sabari_imageSabari .. Pro
Rohit Krishnan .. Stills
Kokaachi, Sreehari Siva .. Designs
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