Makkottan | മാക്കൊട്ടൻ

makkottan mlayalam movie mallurelease

Makkottan with the story of the "Kannu" that gave life to his brother

makkottan mlayalam movie mallurelease

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Makkottan Malayalam movie is directed by Rajeev Naduvanad. Features Biju Kuttan and Prarthana Nair play the lead characters. The movie Makkottan is produced by Prashant Kumar C under the banner of Ramyam Creations. The chief associate director of the film Makkottan is Jayendra Sharmma. The screenplay for the film is written by Suniraj Cushyup.

The film "Makkottan" tells the story of a girl named Kannu who has to take care of her brother after her parent's separation. the 12-year-old Prarthana Nair who is a native of Thottada in Kannur got noticed by performing Kannu. After the separation of his parents, Kannu devoted her life to his brother. Makkottan stands out with Prarthana Nair's magnificent performance. Biju Kuttan plays the role of the father in Makkottan. Prarthana, who also played the lead role in films like Ottayan and Standard 5B has shown proficiency in dance and fashion shows. This young actress will gain a place in the hearts of Malayalees through the movie Makkottan.

The title of the film "Makkottan" is designed by Sreeni Chempanthotty and Shade Babu. The first look poster of the movie was unveiled on 1st March 2023.

The music for the film "Makkottan" is composed by Shine Vengedungu and Anusree Punnad with the lyrics by Sunil Kallur, Ajesh Chandran, and Babu Manual.

Makkottan movie presented by Riya Motion Pictures.


Biju Kuttan
Prarthana Nair


Ramyam Creations .. Banner
Rajeev Naduvanad .. Director
Prashant Kumar C .. Producer
Suniraj Cushyup .. Writer
Jineesh Mangalattu .. Cinematography
Hari G Nair .. Editor
Shaji Manakkai .. Art Director
Praji, Raneesh Posh .. Makeup
Balan Puthukkudi .. Costumes
Shine Vengedungu .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
Aymanam Saajan .. Pro
Jayan Thillenkeri .. Stills
Vineeth Iritty .. Designs

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