Vithu | വിത്ത് | Seed

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

Seed filming completed

A movie based on the life of Cheruvayal Raman

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Vithu Malayalam movie is written and directed by Avira Rebecca who won the State Award known for films like Thakarachenda stars Sreenivasan as the hero, Pigman and Negalukal. The film Seed features Manoj K Jayan as the lead along with Irshad, Babu Annur, and Chandini. The movie Vithu is produced by Dr. Minnal George under the banner of Sun Cine Productions. The story and screenplay for the film were written by the director Avira himself.
vithu malayalam movie mallurelease
Avira Rebecca | Minnal George
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Cheruvayal Raman

The film 'Seed' is based on the farming life of Wayanad farmer Cheruvayal Raman, also known as Nellachan, who received the nation's Padma Shri honor, and has wrapped up filming.

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

The life narrative of Darappan, a green man who has been growing organic rice in the Wayanad district for generations, is told in the book Seed. Darappan is the possessor of an amazing existence, one that combines production and agriculture with life. Darappan laments that nutritious food for humans will vanish forever and that the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pharmaceuticals in agriculture is destroying nature and living things. In today's world, where civilization is advancing carelessly, Darappan, a farmer, becomes the hope of the future since he preserves and guards roughly 100 seeds.

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

Modernization caused the unified family that formed the tribal community to fall apart. The younger generation has become disinterested in farming. They are deeply in debt as a result. This makes Darappan sad. The powerful message of the movie "Seed" is that life depends on the oneness of nature and humans, regardless of how advanced humanity becomes. Manoj K Jayan plays the role of Darappan and this will be Manoj K Jayan's strongest character ever. Irshad is playing the role of Pradeepan, Babu Annoor is playing the role of Kunhaman and Chandini is playing the role of Abili.

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'Vithu' was composed by Jinosh Antony.

vithu malayalam movie mallurelease

Vithu movie is gearing up for the release.

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vithu malayalam movie mallurelease



Sun Cine Productions .. Banner
Avira Rebecca .. Director, Writer
Dr. Minnal George .. Producer
Bejoy Varghese George .. Cinematography
KM Shailesh .. Editor
Ranjith Kotheri .. Art Director
pattanam.rasheed.5_imagePattanam Rasheed .. Makeup
kumar.edapal.7_imageKumar Edappal .. Costumes
Chandran Veyattummal .. Background Score
RK Radhakrishnan .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
* .. Stills
Shaji Paloli .. Designs

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