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amia malayalam movie mallurelease

After setting a world record, "Amia" is getting ready to be screened

amia malayalam movie mallurelease

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Amia is a Malayalam musical horror movie written and directed by debutant SS Bijuraaj. Features nine-year-old Samaveda as the lead character. Raheep Media, Sound Wavez Media, and WMD Movies are the producers of the movie.

Amia, the protagonist of the movie, is a young woman whose parents fail to see her potential. The film was photographed by Santhosh Anchal and KG Ratheesh. The associate director is Sreekumar Kavil.

A world record has been achieved at the Universal Records Forum for the musical horror movie "Amia," which was written and directed by newcomer SS Bijuraaj and features nine-year-old Samaveda in the lead role. 36 singers have performed the song for a movie for the first time ever.

The Malayalam film Amia provided a new chapter in history, and was made available in ten different Indian languages: Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and also in English, French, Arabic, Sinhala, Nepali, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Russian. It had 74 songs in 14 different languages, such as Greek, Thai, Spanish, and Korean. The film and music industries are currently witnessing such an initiative for the first time in the history of global cinema. For Amia, Murali Krishna and Vishnu V Divakaran composed the music.

amia malayalam movie mallurelease




Raheep Media, Sound Wavez Media, WMD Movies .. Banner
SS Bijuraaj .. Director, Writer
* .. Producer
Santhosh Anchal, KG Ratheesh .. Cinematography
Greyson Aca, Ananthu Binu, Irshad .. Editor
Rakhil .. Art Director
Nijil .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
Anit P Joy .. Background Score
Shyam Saras .. Production Controller
* .. Action
P Sivaprasad .. Pro
* .. Stills
JK Designs, Jeevan Bose .. Designs

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