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rani malayalam movie mallurelease

Shankar Ramakrishnan's Rani Release

rani malayalam movie mallurelease

21 September 2023
Rani is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Shankar Ramakrishnan. Features Urvashi, Bhavana, Maala Parvathi, Honey Rose, Anumol, and introducing Niyathi Kadambi. The presence of six strong female characters makes this film very attractive. Veteran Masters Guru Somasundaram and Indrans play strong characters in this film. Maniyanpilla Raju, Ashwin Gopinath, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Ambi Neenasam, Vinod Menon, Sabu Amy Prabhakaran, and Ashwath Lal are also in the lead roles. The movie Rani is produced by Vinod Menon, Shankar Ramakrishnan, and Jimmy Jacob under the banner of Magictail Works Production in association with June Ventures.

The Dop of the movie Rani is Vinayak Gopal and Appu Bhattathiri is the editor who has won several awards. The Chief Associate Director of Rani is Shibu Gangadharan and Nitheesh Narayanan is the Associate Director.

rani malayalam movie mallurelease

The second trailer launch and release date was announced by God's Own Actor Mohanlal on 15 September 2023. The trailer of the film, which is presented in a thriller mood, has already created a huge wave on social media.

Rani is the second film to be directed by Shankar Ramakrishnan who has proven his presence in cinema at different levels. If the first film Pathitaam Padi was an objective film that analyzed teenagers and the fluctuation in the education sector, Rani Pratikaram gives a new interpretation of the film. Important news is now coming out that Kerala politics legend MLA Dharmarajan has been killed. The trailer has arrived with this news. It is also clarified in the trailer that this film is in the genre of thriller investigation in such a way that the mystery and suspense contained in this news will be fulfilled.

The trailer of the film Rani by Shankar Ramakrishnan was released through the official page of famous actor Prithviraj Sukumaran on 28th August 2023. Monday at 6 pm. The trailer opens with the tragic news of MLA Dharmarajan's passing, followed by the exciting development of the investigation, which will have viewers on the edge of their seats. One may argue that this movie is the epitome of an investigative thriller. This trailer has garnered a positive reception from the audience.

Rani is extremely relevant due to its underlying narrative, even if foreign-language films and films with a large cast are currently flooding our theatres. The picture portrays a revenge drama with a strong female presence, helped by a heart-pounding story and screenplay. The core image is referred to as the fundamental component of the image, regardless of whether it depicts a cosmos full of stars or one that has fewer stars. Such films will undoubtedly continue to be well-liked by viewers. In Rani's situation, this is crucial.

The art of entertainment has always been cinema. The enjoyment of films is significantly influenced by theatres. The goal of this movie is to draw viewers to theatres as well. The film's creators are attempting to reach the public by using straightforward marketing techniques, free of tricks. Giving female power retribution a new twist through intelligence, cunning, and strategy will be the film's main attraction. The female side is enhanced by prominent figures like Urvashi, Bhavana, Honey Rose, Anumol, and Maala Parvathi. The cast also includes Amy Prabhakaran, Abhi Sabu, Guru Somasundaram, Manian Pillai Raju, Ashwin Gopinath, Krishnan Balakrishnan, and Indrans who won a national award.

The theme of this film is a murder mystery that transcends language. Bhasi, a detective, faces a personal dilemma by solving the last case of his career. Bhasi, who is tasked to solve the murder of a political leader named Dharmarajan, gets into many unknown entanglements with Dharmarajan.

Bhasi is played by Indians. This film will lead to a major turning point in Indran's acting career. The presence of a group of Malayalam's best actresses makes this film very disturbing.

Surviving the first phase and the second phase of COVID pre-production, 28 days and nights of shooting with people and God, 5 days of patch shoot and action schedule, so Rani movie took 33 days to come to life on our soil. Niyathi will be making her Malayalam debut through the film Rani.

The first look poster of the film Rani was unveiled on 19th March 2023 by the legendary actress Manju Warrier.

The song "Vaazhenam" has been released on 7th June 2023. This song is made as a praise song. Although it is done as an Ashtanga art form, this song is accompanied by new-era background music. The presentation of this song is part of the Kala Sadya which takes place on the night of a ninth festival. More than five thousand people participated in this song scene. This song scene has been shot in Venjaramoodu and Vellanikal params. Festivals, celebrations, and celebrations are present in the scene of this song and the dance choreographer is Arun Nandakumar.

Musician Jonathan Bruce presents the very ancient art form of Mudiyattam with modern background music. Jonathan has also composed a rock song for this film. Shankar Ramakrishnan introduces a new music director named Mena Melath in this film.' There are five songs in this film. Actor Guru Somasundara has also penned a song along with Manjari and Prathantha Indrajith.

Rani movie was released in theaters on September 21, 2023.


Video Jukebox

Jonathan Bruce .. Music, Singer
Binoy Krishnan .. Lyricist
Tony Wilson, Aparna Rajeev .. Singers

Mena Melath .. Music, Lyricist, Singer
Manjari .. Singer

Mena Melath .. Music, Lyricist, Singer
Kodhai Arun .. Tamil Lyricist
Guru Somasundaram, Niyati Kadambi .. Singers

Paranne Po
Mena Melath .. Music, Lyricist, Singer

Mena Melath .. Music, Singer
* .. Lyricist


The death of Dharmarajan, the current MLA for Dharmapuram, sets the tone for the entire film. The housekeeper, a young girl named Rani, who was present the night of the murder, was taken into prison by the police. That turned into a delicate matter that the police wanted to resolve as soon as possible because the elections were just around the horizon. Officer Bhasi, a guy receiving cancer treatment who has aided the department numerous times in life-or-death situations in the past, was chosen to help by the higher officials. The investigation Bhasi conducted to identify the Dharmarajan murderer is what we witness in Rani.

rani malayalam movie mallurelease

rani malayalam movie mallurelease

rani malayalam movie mallurelease



Magictail Works Production .. Banner
shanker.ramakrishnan.39_imageShankar Ramakrishnan .. Director, Producer, Writer
Vinod Menon, Jimmy Jacob .. Producers
Vinayak Gopal .. Cinematography
appu_n_bhattathiri_imageAppu N Bhattathiri .. Editor
arunkumarpkb_imageArun Venjaramoodu .. Art Director
ranjith.ambady_imageRanjith Ambadi .. Makeup
indrans.jayan_imageIndrans Jayan .. Costumes
Jonathan Bruce .. Background Score
hari.venjaaramood_imageHari Venjarmoodu .. Production Controller
supreme_sundar_imageSupreme Sundar .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
harithirumala_imageHari Thirumala .. Stills
Artmonk .. Designs
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