Camerayil Pathiyum Munbe | ക്യാമറയിൽ പതിയും മുമ്പേ

camerayil pathiyum munbe mallurelease

"Camerayil Pathiyum Munbe" written by Anish

camerayil pathiyum munbe mallurelease

AS Dinesh - PRO
During the promotion of the film, a reporter from the Manorama Channel (now Mathrubhumi) met Anish. After that, we became good friends. There was enough time for phone conversations, even though it was rare to meet in person.

The book "Camerayil Pathiyum Munbe" written by Anish arrived in my hands today through a courier, filling me with the deepest feelings of love and friendship. I read it immediately since it was a short book, the writing was simple and fluent, and the subject matter was very appealing to me. An excellent presentation. Such experiences can only be well presented by people like Anish who are unknown to others, but I am proud to present them through good writing.

camerayil pathiyum munbe mallurelease

To be quite honest, Anish and this book have inspired me as a PRO. Greetings, Anish.

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