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gu malayalam movie mallurelease

The fantasy horror film 'Gu' Gu released the first look poster

Devananda plays the lead in the fantasy-horror movie after Malikappuram

gu malayalam movie mallurelease

First Look
Gu is a Malayalam supernatural horror fantasy movie directed by debutant Manu Radhakrishnan. Features Devananda, who won the hearts of the audience with Malikappuram, plays the central role in the film with Saiju Kurup and Aswathy Manoharan. Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju, Maniyanpilla Raju, Kanchan, Laya Simpson, Nandini Gopalakrishnan, and some prominent kids are also cast in this film. The movie Gu is produced by Maniyanpilla Raju under the banner of Maniyanpilla Raju Productions.

The cinematography for the film 'Gu' is handled by Chandrakant Madhav and the editing is done by Vinayan MG.

The first look poster of Gu, helmed by Manu and produced by Maniyanpilla Raju was released on 1 November 2023. This supernatural-themed film has Devananda in the lead role. Devananda's greatest performance, which captured the hearts of the audience with Malikappuram, will take place in this film. The film is a supernatural horror fantasy with a child protagonist. This film is marketed as family-friendly entertainment that will appeal to both adults and children.

Under the auspices of Maniyan Pillai Raju Productions, the title look for the new movie "Gu" by Maniyan Pillai Raju was made public on 17th August 2023. On social media, the title poster for the movie directed by Manu Radhakrishnan has garnered interest.

The plot starts when a young girl named Munna and her parents travel to South Malabar to spend some time at an old ancestral home. They visit the temple to carry out the Theyam, which has been put on hold there for the past 25 years. This family home is filled with numerous relatives and kids. It gave Munna a lot of solace. With kids of the same age, there were several possibilities to run around and play in the roomy backyards. When this happens, some terrifying things happen to kids. The movie explores these occurrences afterward. Children are better than adults at finding answers to these problems. As a result, this movie can be classified as a kids' horror movie.

Devananda is playing the role of Munna here. After Malikappuram, Devananda's latest movie is 'Gu'. The father of Munna works for an IT firm in Bangalore. He spent ten years away from his family's house because of issues in his life. It presents the complexities of those problems as supernatural nightmare fantasies. The character who plays Munna's father is Saiju Kurup. Also appearing as Munna's mother is Aswathy Manoharan. Actress Aswathy has portrayed the main characters in the films Kakshi: Amminippilla, Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil, and the web series that is currently broadcasting Kerala Crime Files.

The director, Manu

The first film in Manu's filmography is Smart City by B Unnikrishnan. For the movie, he made his directorial debut as an associate. Thereafter, Manu's cinematic career began with collaborations with Arun Kumar Aravind and Nandan Kavil. He later went on to direct a few short films. It was in this situation Manu came to know that Maniyan Pillai Raju was waiting for a story. So contacted him. Manu then got in touch with him.

gu malayalam movie mallurelease

Manu and Maniyan Pillai Raju just so happened to watch Malikappuram together before a significant film. It was a fantastic performance by Devananda in it. We later watched Romancham together as well, which ended up being the biggest hit at the moment. He looked for the factors contributing to the thriller's popularity. These two flicks sparked a fresh discovery. I mentioned that I had a terrifying tale in mind that centered on a little boy. When Manu told Maniyan Pillai Raju about it, he enjoyed it even more. I was later assured that we could make this film after I had finished the first line.

Acting workshop for 'Gu'

A three-day acting camp was organized in Kochi. Niranj and Laya Simpson joined Devananda and a few newcomers at this rehearsal. Devendranath Sankaranarayanan, an acting instructor and casting director, joined this acting workshop as a coach. In Pattambi, the filming for the project 'Gu' will start on 19th August 2023.

The music for the film 'Gu' is composed by Jonathan Bruce.

Gu movie is currently undergoing post-production.

gu malayalam movie mallurelease


saijugkurup_imageSaiju Kurup
Aswathy Manoharan
RameshPisharodyofficial_imageRamesh Pisharody
Nandini Gopalakrishnan
maniyanpilla_raju_imageManiyanpilla Raju
NiranjOfficial_imageNiranj Raju
Laya Simpson


maniyanpilla_raju_production_imageManiyanpilla Raju Productions .. Banner
Manu Radhakrishnan .. Director, Writer
maniyanpilla_raju_imageManiyanpilla Raju .. Producer
Chandrakant Madhav .. Cinematography
Vinayan MG .. Editor
thyagu.thavanur_imageThyagu Thavanoor .. Art Director
pradeep.rangan.7_imagePradeep Rangan .. Makeup
Divya Joby .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
smurugan.subramaniyan_imageS Murugan .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose, Hains .. Pro
Rahul Raj R .. Stills
Artmonk .. Designs
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