The Expiry Date of Love

the expiry date of love short film, neha khayl, mallurelease

"The Expiry Date of Love" was released

the expiry date of love short film mallurelease

Short Film
The Expiry Date of Love is an English short film directed by the Malayalam cinema lyricist Neha Khayl. Director and singer Dr. Shemeer Ottathaikkal is playing the lead role in this film and Neeradha Sheen, daughter of singer, Bigg Boss fame, and known to the audience through the series 'Homely Family' on Kairali Channel Manisha and singer Sheen George playing the lead role. Along with artists like Kajal CS, Simimol Xavier, and David Francis smart children like child stars like Ayn Sajith and Rida Minaal Sadhique play important roles in the film.

The film is about polygamy which still exists in fifty-eight countries of the world. The film is inspired by the life of a foreign woman he met while living in exile. The film deals with how the laws and doctrines that were settled by humanitarian goodness in one era are followed in modern times and how they affect children and the attitude of women towards it. In a world where there are many religions and customs, the film shouts out that love is something that should be cherished without expiring. The film also reminds us that life is not something to cry over those who don't want us. This picture highlights the necessity of human-made rules to change with time and the participation of each individual in it.

the expiry date of love short film, neha khayl, mallurelease
Neha Khayl

The short film The Expiry Date of Love is the debut of Neha Khayl as a director. The film, which deals with the theme of international social awareness, was released on Thiruvonam day through the social media platforms of the former minister, film actor, and MLA KB Ganesh Kumar. Former MP and film actor Suresh Gopi released the trailer.

Neha Khayl, who has composed several Khayals for Hindustani music, is also the author of the Hindustani music ragas Sangeet Bahar and Raag Bahar. Neha Khayal's film debut was as a co-director with director Joshiy. Later, she worked as the Associate Director of Dubai Visual Media.

Stanly composes the tune for the song "Soul to Soul" penned by Neha Khayl and sung by Joel G Bensiar.


Dr. Shemeer Ottathaikkal
Neeradha Sheen
Kajal CS
Simimol Xavier
David Francis
Ayn Sajith
Rida Minaal Sadhique


Khayl Creations & Os2 Pictures .. Banner, Producer
Neha Khayl .. Director, Writer
Vinay Gowda .. Cinematography
Shemeer Ottathaikkal .. Background Score
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro

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