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behindd malayalam movie mallurelease

'Behind' starring South Indian Sonia Agarwal and Jinu E Thomas in lead roles

The First Look Poster of Behind Released

behindd malayalam movie mallurelease

First Look
Behindd is a horror suspense thriller movie directed by Amhan Raphy. Features South Indian actress Sonia Agarwal is coming back to Malayalam after a decade along with Jinu E Thomas, Mareena Michael, Noby Marcose, and Sinoj Varghese are playing notable characters. The film titled 'Behindd' is produced by Shija Jinu under the banner of Paavakkutty Creations. The film also stars Amhan Raphy, Sunil Sukhada, VK Baiju, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Kannan Sagar, Jenson Alappat, Sivadas Marampally, Ambili Sunil and others. Shija Jinu herself has written the story and screenplay of the film Behindd.

The cinematography of the film Behindd has been handled by Sandeep Sankardas and T Shameer Muhammad and the editor is Vysakh Rajan. The chief associate director of the film is Vaisakh M. Sukumaran

'BEHINDD' is a horror suspense thriller that revolves around a mother and family who love their daughter as much as life, and their efforts to survive the terrifying experiences they face in a particular situation and its consequences. The shooting has been completed in Poomala, Kuttikkanam, Elappara and Vagamon.

The first look poster of the film Behindd is out on 1st September 2023 and released through the social media pages of famous producer cum film star Vijay Babu and Friday Films.

The music for the film 'Behindd' is composed by Murali Appadath, Arif Ansar, and Sunny Madhavan from the lyrics of Shija Jinu, Arif Ansar, and Imran Khan. The dance choreography of the film is arranged by Kiran Krish.

Behindd the movie which will be released in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu languages. The post production work of the film is progressing.


Sonia Agarwal
Jinu E Thomas
mareenamichaelofficial_imageMareena Michael
nobyActor_imageNoby Marcose
sinoj.varghese.35_imageSinoj Varghese
Amhan Raphy
sunil.sukhada_imageSunil Sukhada
VK Baiju
sivajiguruvayur.sivaji_imageSivaji Guruvayur
Kannan Sagar
jenson_alappat_imageJenson Alappat
Sivadas Marampally
Ambili Sunil


Paavakkutty Creations .. Banner
Amhan Raphy .. Director
Shija Jinu .. Producer, Writer
Sandeep Sankardas, T Shameer Muhammad .. Cinematography
Vysakh Rajan .. Editor
Subair Zindagi .. Art Director
Sijin .. Makeup
Sajith Mukkam .. Costumes
Murali Appadath .. Background Score
Shoukath Mannalamkunnu .. Production Controller
Brucelee Rajesh .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh, siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
Anjo C Rajan, Vidyut Venu .. Stills
manu.davinci.7_imageManu Davinci .. Designs

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