Oru Poovine Nishaashalabham Cover by Akshay Ajith

Akshay Ajith's new song "Oru Poovine Nishaashalabham " has been released

The young director who is famous for creating superhit cover songs

PR Sumeran
Kochi: The new song by young director Akshay Ajith, who has given music lovers a number of heartfelt cover songs, is gaining attention. Oru Poovine Nishaashalabham is the first line of a song sung by Akshay. Ganagandharvan KJ Yesudas sings this song in the film "Meenathil Thalikettu".

Akshay Ajith is the director of the upcoming movie "Kerala Express". Several Malayalam songs have been transformed into cover songs by Akshay Ajith. Director Akshay Ajith and Akshara Nair are featured in the new song. The guitar has been played by Sandeep. This song's background artists include Nithin Koottungal, Vineesh Mani, Renjith Dhamodar, Satheesh Makeover, and Malu KP.

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