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paranormal project english movie mallurelease

Paranormal Project with themes of paranormal investigation and exorcism

Paranormal Project trailer released

paranormal project english movie mallurelease

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Paranormal Project is an English horror movie based on many true events directed by SS Jishnu Dev. Features Snehal Rao, Gautham S Kumar, Abhishek Sreekumar, Suneesh, Sharan Indokera, Sudarshanan Russellpuram, Jalatha Bhaskar, Chitra, Avantika, Amrit Sunil, Naitik, Aradhya, Manasaprabhu, Shaji Balaramapuram, Arun AR, T Sunil Punnakad, Suresh Kumar, Chala Kumar and are playing the lead roles. The movie Paranormal Project is produced by Chacko Skaria under the banner of Captarius Entertainment.

Director SS Jishnu Dev has handled the cinematography and editing. Special make-up is done by Shyneesha MS in this movie which has a lot of jump scares. The art direction of the movie is done by T Sunil Punnakkadu. The publicity design has been handled by Vinil Raj, Splendid Olayo, and Prajin VK.

The movie's narrative structure adheres to a totally different pattern. This South Indian horror movie employs shadow cinematography. The movie's narrative centers on paranormal investigators who visit a deserted college building thought to be haunted and run into a number of unanticipated issues.

The trailer of "Paranormal Project", an English horror film dealing with paranormal investigation and exorcism, was released on 20 September 2023. The case diaries of paranormal investigators Alvin Josh, Sam Alex, Karthik Raghuvaran, and Christy Fernandos are presented throughout the film.

The sound design of the movie is handled by Sree Vishnu JS and the background music is handled by Sourav Suresh. The background music and sound design of the trailer is done by Ebin S Vincent.

Paranormal Project movie is released by American film distribution company Dark Web Films.


A group of ghost hunters in South India looked into four paranormal occurrences that were inspired by real-life situations. Their faith will be put to the test, and the sheer evil they will confront poses a threat to their souls.

paranormal project english movie mallurelease




Captarius Entertainment .. Banner
SS Jishnu Dev .. Director, Writer, Cinematography, Editor
Chacko Skaria .. Producer
T Sunil Punnakkadu .. Art Director
Shyneesha MS .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
Sourav Suresh .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
ajay.thundathil.1_imageAjay Thundathil .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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