Velutha Madhuram | വെളുത്ത മധുരം: The real taste of life (2023)

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease

A representation of the worst toxins in society: Velutha Madhuram

Velutha Madhuram hits theaters on 13

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease

13 October 2023
Velutha Madhuram is a Malayalam movie directed by debutant Jiju Orappady. The film features Shweta Menon in a different role as activist Meera, with Santhosh Keezhattoor and Sudheer Karamana also starring with new faces. The movie Velutha Madhuram was produced by Sisira Karayi under the banner of Vakhari Creations. The screenplay of the film is written by Anil GS from the story of Devika S Dev. Surya Kiran, Dinesh Panicker, Afsana Lakshmi, Nisha Sarangh, Navani Karthi, Biju Irinav, Babu Vallithode, Thampan Blathur, Prajeesh Ezhome, Muralikrishnan Palliyath, Kanakalatha, Radhakrishnan Manikoth, Sadanandan Chepparamba, Murali Vayatt, Muhammad Perambra, Nadam Murali, Karim Das, Devika S Dev, Anay Sathya, Nandhu Ottapadi, Ramshi Pattuvam, Vivek Vishwam, and Sabita Ramit are also acting.

The D.O.P of the film is Sreekuttan and AR Jibeesh is the editor.

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease

The story of Haridas, a family lover, is told in the movie. The film Velutha Madhuram comes with a strong message against the worst poisons in society. In addition to spreading a positive message and speaking out against the horrible activities of drug gangs that are destroying the lives of young people, Velutha Madhuram has proven to be a competent entertainer.

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease

For years, Haridas had lived in the Gulf to provide for his family. He returned home to a lovely home with his wife and kids. Son Abhinav was enrolled in a school for higher secondary studies. Abhinav joins the dominant group at the school, Hrithik John's gang. John administers Velutha Madhuram, a white crystal medication, to Abhinav. He has changed into a new guy as a result of the Velutha Madhuram, which becomes addictive after just one use. That destroyed Haridas's quality of life. Later, as Abhinav undergoes a complete transformation, Haridas and his family's life trajectories are altered. Velutha Madhuram is a fantastic entertainer who also spreads a positive message against the mafia's bad deeds, which include setting their nets and traps in order to exploit the lives of youths.

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease

The music for the film is composed by Shyju Pallikkunnu with the lyrics of EV Valsan, Jithin Devasya, and Vayshak Sugunan. The songs are sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Velu Haridas.

Velutha Madhuram movie was released in theaters by BM Entertainment on October 13, 2023.


Video Jukebox

Kazhinjupoya Kaalam Kattinakkare
EV Valsan .. Music, Lyricist
Velu Haridas .. Singer

Neeyen Panjamiraavu
Shyju Pallikkunnu .. Music
Vaisakh Sugunan .. Lyricist
Vineeth Sreenivasan .. Singer

Azhalaayi Nee
Shyju Pallikkunnu .. Music
Jithin Devasya .. Lyricist
Vineeth Sreenivasan .. Singer

velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease velutha madhuram, velutha madhuram movie, mallurelease


sudirkaramana_imageSudheer Karamana
ShwethaMenonOfficial_imageShweta Menon
Santhoshkeezhattoorofficial_imageSanthosh Keezhattoor
Surya Kiran
pdineshpaniker_imageDinesh Paniker
Afsana Lakshmi
Nisha Sarangh
Navani Karthi
Biju Irinav
Babu Vallithode
Radhakrishnan Manikoth
Murali Vayatt
Muhammad Perambra
Nadam Murali
Karim Das
Devika S Dev
Anay Sathya


Vakhari Creations .. Banner
Jiju Orappady .. Director
Sisira Karayi .. Producer
Anil GS .. Writer
Sreekuttan .. Cinematography
AR Jibeesh .. Editor
Santhosh Karipool .. Art Director
Rajesh Jayan .. Makeup
Biju Mangatukonam .. Costumes
Dominic Martin .. Background Score
Vinod K .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Sreenesh Karinkalkuzhi .. Stills
Arun Ezhome .. Designs

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