BC Creatives

bc creatives mallurelease

It has been a year since this adventure began, with God's blessings

Less than ten people were part of a WhatsApp group when it first formed on October 21, 2022 "BC Creatives"

bc creatives mallurelease

P Sivaprasad - PRO
Except for a few friendly events and others, there was no end goal at first. Subsequently, due to numerous factors, the level of amicable association was raised. From there to now, it has been a difficult trip. Several fell in between. Many people were lost, many people were watching, and many of those watching witnessed what Judas was doing. Yet we overcame everything and kept traveling. since only one objective was in mind. There is always love for those who seek the soil beneath their feet and those who attempt to plant thorns in their path, even after the darkness gives way to the light.

Even if we have made some progress toward our goals, there is still much to be done. This journey will be successful if God favors it. We cannot move on without thinking of those who have supported us through everything, including our family, our benefactors, and dear Mr. (name withheld), who continues to provide us with essential financial support even now.

There is yet a way to go

Let those who obstruct progress and refuse to do their part go. We can survive; therefore, we'll do things our way.

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