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the mentor movie mallurelease

"The Mentor" launching at Ram Janmabhoomi

the mentor movie mallurelease

The Mentor is an action drama movie directed by Vinil Vasu. Features Govind Padmasoorya and Arjun in The Mentor as the lead characters. The actors across India start from Kashmir, Himachal, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab to down south covering AP, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. These actors will be introduced to you shortly.

Sooraj Anand handled the film's cinematography, which was inspired by Indian mythology and Kabaddi. In this movie, newcomers from every state in India are the actors. The crew members are Sameer Vivek, Nikhil, Milton Thomas, Rupesh Murugan, Sunil Nattakkal, Sasi Poduval, Ayush-Arun, Sameer, and Krishna Kumar.

the mentor movie mallurelease

The film The Mentor is launching on 24th October 2023 at Ram Janmabhoomi, Ram Katha Park in Uttar Pradesh. The movie will be filmed in Kerala, Maharashtra, and Varanasi.

the mentor movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'The Mentor' is composed by Gopi Sundar.

The Mentor movie will be released in 2024. In addition to its original Hindi form, the pan-Indian film "The Mentor" will be dubbed in Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil.



* .. Banner
Vinil Vasu .. Director
* .. Producer
* .. Writer
Sooraj Anand .. Cinematography
Steven Bernard .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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