Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam | അടിയന്തരാവസ്ഥ കാലത്തെ അനുരാഗം (2023)

adiyantharavastha kalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

Yesudas's Christian devotional song after many years

Christmas song from 'Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam' goes viral

adiyantharavastha kalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

29 December 2023
Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam is a Malayalam movie directed by famous director Alleppey Ashraf. Features newcomers Nihal and Gopika Girish as the heroes and heroines of the film. The movie Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam is produced by Kuriachan Valakuzhy and Titus Attingal under the banner of Olive Productions. The film 'Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam' which gave a lot of importance for newcomers also stars Hashim Shah, Krishna Thulasi Bhai, Sethu Lakshmi, Tony, Maya Viswanath, Kollam Thulasi, Alleppey Ashraf, Kalabhavan Rahman, Usha, Priyan Valakuzhi (Doha), Ananthu Kollam, Felisina, JJ Kuttikkad, Fr. Paul Ambooken, Riya Kappil, Munna, Nimisha, Adv. Salil Narayanan and A Kabeer. The screenplay for the film is written by Titus Attingal.

BT Mani handles the film's cinematography, and L Bhoominathan does the editing. The film's line producer is A Kabeer and the associate director is Soman Chelavur. With the approval of the church, Fr. Paul Ambooken, a priest, portrayed the lead role of "Kurishinkal Achan" in this film.

After a long break, Yesudas has sung a Christian song. Yesudas has sung a beautiful song for the film Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam that begins with "Aathmanadha Karunamaya...". The song has already gone viral on social media and many devotional songs sung by Yesudas in the past have become very popular. Vayalar-Devarajan team's song "Nithya Vishudhayam Kanyamariyame..." for the movie, Nadhi is viral in Christian homes and places of worship. So many super-hit devotional songs are in Yesudas's account.

The song has come at a time when the song itself has appeared in many different forms in the film. After watching the video, the audience can understand that the visuals of this song are also very suitable for this song. Shreya Ghoshal has sung a Christian devotional song for the first time in this film.

This film presents a love story amid many limitations and conflicts during the emergency period. This film can be described as a reenactment of that era. Through many moments of life.

In the five decades before the current generation, Alleppey Ashraf narrates a time before television and cell phones, when people communicated using letters to express their love and sorrow. Though there are no overt political overtones in the novel, there are some as it goes along. Says Alleppey Ashraf.

adiyantharavasthakalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

This romantic song will bring back the warmth and joy of love to Malayalam. Currently trending on social media is a song from the recently released movie Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam which was directed by seasoned filmmaker Alleppey Ashraf. Najim Arshad and Shweta Mohan the two young vocalists have performed the beautiful song Pranayathin Poove. Titus Attingal wrote the lines, while TS Jayaraj composed the music. The young starlet Anu Sithara released the song on 9 December 2023. The music sequence has Nihal, the hero, and Gopika Girish, the heroine. They drive on a bullock cart, which used to be our form of transportation, against a backdrop of rivers, paddy fields, and village roads in a totally rural setting. The political and social context of the emergency era serves as a backdrop for the film's endearing love story. According to director Alleppey Ashraf, the film focuses solely on the emergency's backdrop and is not political.

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Director Alleppey Ashraf

After a while, Alleppey Ashraf's film 'Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam' is coming. As the name suggests, the film is set during an emergency. Yet, according to filmmaker Alleppey Ashraf, the movie explores more than just that particular period. The movie recounts the touching tale of a romantic relationship that happened when civil rights were restricted. The sociopolitical climate during the crisis is another topic covered in the movie. The film's director added that it makes reference to modern Malayali culture. The spectator is also given access to the life stories of several common people in the film.

The film Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam tells a perfect love story through the political backdrop of Emergency. The presentation of this film is through the life of a group of ordinary people living on the banks of the lake.

adiyantharavasthakalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

Alleppey Ashraf, who is also an actor has directed and produced many great films. Alleppey Ashraf's new film 'Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam', presented a handful of films that Malayalis have cherished, to the audience. This film Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam mainly focuses on new faces.

The first look poster of the film Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam has been released through the official page of Malayali's favorite actor Kunchacko Boban. The shooting of the film Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam has been completed in and around Varkala and the production work of this film has been completed.

adiyantharavastha kalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

The filmmaker Alleppey Ashraf, who always places a high value on music, has added some unique elements to the movie Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam as well. The music for the film is composed by three music directors. For this movie, with music by Afzal Yusuff, Shreya Ghoshal sang a Christian devotional with biblical lyrics for the first time. This Christian hymn may stand the test of time. Similarly, KJ Antony composed the song for Yesudas. The music director TS Jayaraj was introduced by Alleppey Ashraf. TS Jayaraj was the grandson of the first music director, Ramaswamy Bhagavathar, before Devarajan in KPAC. Jayaraj compose a duet with Shweta Mohan and Najim Arshad.

The song "Swargathil Vaazhum Yesu Nadha" which Shreya Ghoshal performed in the recently released movie 'Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam' is currently becoming quite popular. The song, which features Shreya Ghoshal as the lead vocalist, was written by Titus Attingal, the film's co-producer, and Afzal Yusuff as music director, has proven popular. Since its Christmas release, the song has become popular among music enthusiasts.

adiyantharavasthakalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease

Adiyantharavastha Kalathe Anuragam movie was released by Krepa Films Solutions through K Movies Release on December 29, 2023. The production work of the film has been completed and the film will hit the screens.


Video Jukebox

Aathmanadha Karunamaya
KJ Antony .. Music
Titus Attingal .. Lyricist
KJ Yesudas .. Singer

Swargathil Vaazhum
Afzal Yusuff .. Music
Titus Attingal .. Lyricist
Shreya Ghoshal .. Singer

Pranayathin Poove
TS Jairaj .. Music
Titus Attingal .. Lyricist
Najim Arshad, Swetha Mohan .. Singers

adiyantharavastha kalathe anuragam malayalam movie mallurelease


Gopika Girish
Hashim Shah
Krishna Thulasi Bhai
Maya Viswanath
Sethu Lakshmi
Kalabhavan Rahman
Alleppey Ashraf
Priyan Valakuzhi
Ananthu Kollam
JJ Kuttikkad
Riya Kappil
A Kabeer


Olive Productions .. Banner
Alleppey Ashraf .. Director, Producer
Kuriachan Valakuzhy .. Producer
Titus Attingal .. Producer, Writer
Mani BT .. Cinematography
L_Bhoominathan_imageL Bhoominathan .. Editor
Sunil Sreedharan .. Art Director
Santhosh Venpakal .. Makeup
Thambi Aryanad .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Prathapan Kalliyoor .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
harithirumala_imageHari Thirumala .. Stills
antonystephe_imageAntony Stephens .. Designs

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