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cup malayalam movie, cup malayalam movie cast, mallurelease

The second video song of the film Cup has been released

Mathew Thomas and Basil Joseph in Cup Malayalam Movie

cup malayalam movie, cup malayalam movie cast, mallurelease

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Cup is a Malayalam movie directed by Sanju V Samuel. The film Cup features Mathew Thomas as the central character along with Basil Joseph. Anikha Surendran and newcomer Riya Shibu will play the heroines. The movie Cup is produced by Allwin Antony and Angelena Mary under the banner of Ananya Films. Guru Somasundaram, Young actor Karthik Vishnu, Indrans, Jude Anthany Joseph, Anand Roshan, Chembil Ashokan, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Thushara Pillai, Nandini Gopalakrishnan, Allwyn John Antony, Mrinalini Susan George, Mridul Pachu, Ranjith Rawal, Nandu Poduval, Anandritha Manu, IV Junais, Althaf Manaf are also playing the lead roles. The feel-good movie about badminton's screenplay is written by Akhilesh Latharaj and Denson Durom from the story of the director.

The DOP of the film is Nikhil S Praveen and the editor is Reckson Joseph. The chief associate directors of the film are Mukesh Vishnu and Renjith Mohan and the associate director is Babu Chelakkad.

The second song for Sanju V Samuel's film Cup, which he also wrote and directed, is now released. "Vegame Gathi Thaalame Sirakalil Nirayoo Veeryamaay" song has been released. The song's visuals are all located in a sporting environment. Family scenes sporadically appear although badminton and associated sequences make up the majority of them. There will be a lot of young people drawn to these sights.

The movie is about a teenager who plays badminton in the steep Vellathooval hamlet in Idukki and wishes to compete in the Olympics wearing an Indian shirt. The nation and society are supporting him in his endeavors. This is followed by a touching family history that will draw in a large family audience. In this movie, the lead character Kannan is portrayed by the well-known young actor Mathew Thomas. The heroines are Anikha Surendran and Riya Shibu. Namitha Pramod plays an additional significant role.

The teaser of the film 'Cup' has been released through the official page of famous actor Jayasurya. Its scenes with a sports backdrop that appeals to the youth have already gone viral.

'Cup' is the tale of a young man who aspires to play sports. The protagonist Nidin is a sixteen-year-old Vellathooval village boy who shows promise in the badminton game. Nidin is portrayed by Mathew Thomas, while the roles of father Babu are portrayed by Guru Somasundaram, the mother is Thushara Pillai, and the sister Mrinalini is Susan George respectively. The character that Nidin needs the most in the narrative is Basil Joseph's Raneesh. If you ask who is the most desirable person for Nidin in the story, it is the character of Raneesh played by Basil Joseph. He plays the full-length character, Namitha Pramod plays a significant and unique part and Karthik Vishnu is a friend.

The first song of 'Cup' was released on Vishu Day 14 April 2024 at 11.11 am through actor Fahadh Faasil's social media handle. The song that starts with Vellithooval "Megham Menjhe Mele...." was penned by Manu Manjith. You can enjoy the beautiful romance along with the scenic beauty of Vellathooval, a hill village in Idukki through this song. The song is sung by Sachin Raj and Aswin Vijayan.

The music for the film 'Cup' is composed by Shaan Rahman from the lyrics of Manu Manjith and Rzee. There are 5 beautiful songs in 'Cup'. Four songs are penned by Manu Manjith and one song is by Rzee. The magical song "Vellithooval" was penned by Manu Manjith and sung by Aswin Vijayan and Sachin Raj.

Cup movie presented Alphonse Puthran. The film Cup is ready for the release after the post production work.


Video Jukebox

Shaan Rahman .. Music, Singer
Manu Manjith .. Lyricist

Shaan Rahman .. Music
Manu Manjith .. Lyricist
Sachin Raj, Aswin Vijayan .. Singers

cup malayalam movie, cup malayalam movie cast, mallurelease

cup malayalam movie, cup malayalam movie cast, mallurelease


mathew thomas, mathew thomas movies, actor mathew thomas, mathew thomas best movies, mallureleaseMathew Thomas
baaasi_imageBasil Joseph
actressanikhasurendranofficial_imageAnikha Surendran
Riya Shibu
Anand Roshan
Santhoshkeezhattoorofficial_imageSanthosh Keezhattoor
Nandini Gopalakrishnan
IV Junais
Althaf Manaf
Mridul Pachu
Ranjith Rajan
chembil.ashokan_imageChembil Ashokan
Allwyn John Antony
nandakumar.poduval.5_imageNandu Poduval
Anandritha Manu


Ananya Films .. Banner
Sanju V Samuel .. Director
Allwin Antony, Angelena Mary .. Producers
Akhilesh Latharaj - Denson Durom .. Writer
Nikhil S Praveen .. Cinematography
Reckson Joseph .. Editor
josephnellickal_imageJoseph Nellikkal .. Art Director
jithesh.kt_imageJithesh Poyya .. Makeup
nisar.rahmath.9_imageNisar Rahmath .. Costumes
Jishnu Thilak .. Background Score
nandakumar.poduval.5_imageNandu Poduval .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose, manjugopinath77_imageManju Gopinath .. Pro
Sibi Cheeran .. Stills
Illuminartist, anand.rajendran.9_imageAnand Rajendran .. Designs
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