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khandasha malayalam movie mallurelease

Khandasha, one powerful in three roles

Filming is complete

khandasha malayalam movie mallurelease

Post Production
Khandasha is a Malayalam movie directed by KS Mehmood. Features Starring Rafeek Chokli, Diya, AKB Kumar, Jose Devasia, Nidhisha, Sivadas, Chippy, Reena and Veena. The movie Khandasha is produced by Mummy Century under the banner of Century Vision. The screenplay for the film Khandasha is written by Rafiq Chokli.
khandasha malayalam movie mallurelease

The DOP of the film is Shetty Mani and the creative head is Mummy Century. Arjun Devaraj is the associate director of the film.

A movie featuring three powerful characters is coming titled Khandasha. Rameshan, Parameswaran, and Vignesh are three different and strong characters in this film by Rafeek Chokli, who has made a name for himself in many films. The shooting of the film Khandasha has been completed in and around Perumbavoor.

khandasha malayalam movie mallurelease

Rameshan is a nasty guy and an alcoholic. His wife and twin boys, Parameswaran and Vignesh, survive him. After consuming all of the money he receives, he finds a false offense to commit and beats his wife. This is how Rameshan usually performs.

Growing up, Parameswaran and Vignesh who are currently in fifth grade saw their father commit atrocities. Vignesh attempted to intervene when his father mistreated his mother violently one day. Vignesh, too, had to endure a severe beating from Ramesh on that particular day. Vignesh, fed up with life, left the house when he learned that his mother had died. Scavenging was Parameswaran's way of life. Vignesh grew to be a massive millionaire over time. Vignesh and Parameswaran had a meeting once.

Actor Rafeek Chokli says:

According to Rafiq Chokli, it took a lot of preparation to achieve the desired results when playing three characters that required distinct acting approaches.

The film Khandasha, which features one actor portraying three distinct and strong personalities, is notable for its inventiveness within the Malayalam film industry. This movie has finished filming, and studio work is underway.

The music for the film 'Khandasha' is composed by PK Basha and Anwar Aman from the lyrics of Jaleel K Bawa and Shaji Kariyil.


Rafeek Chokli
AKB Kumar
Jose Devasia


Century Vision .. Banner
KS Mehmood .. Director
Mammy Century .. Producer
Rafeek Chokli .. Writer
Shetty Mani .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
Jayakumar .. Art Director
Nishant, Subran .. Makeup
Devakumar .. Costumes
Joy Madhav .. Background Score
Nidhish Murali .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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