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bliss malayalam movie mallurelease

A film with a new subject on the Indian screen

Bliss continues filming

Bliss is the first Malayalam movie written and directed by New Zealand Malayali painter and writer Sibi T Mathew. The film features Sudhi Koppa, Jojo Cyriac, Nisthar, Anand Bbal, Ida Becker, Shana, Krishnandu, and Athul Suresh along with, German, Australian, and New Zealand actors are also acting. The movie Bliss is produced by New Zealand production company Long Shot Productions. The chief associate director of the film is Francis Joseph Jeera.
bliss malayalam movie mallurelease

Bliss addresses a novel subject that isn't covered in Indian cinema. The concept of which shoreline will cause the waves of emotions that accumulate in the recesses of the human psyche to vibrate served as the inspiration for the film Bliss. The film explores what happens when our desires and tastes rule our lives. This film is the perfect example of how the avaricious mind would go to appease the easily offended human mind.

bliss malayalam movie mallurelease

Filming for the movie Bliss is underway at Peerumedu, Pambanar, and has occurred in Kerala and New Zealand.

bliss malayalam movie mallurelease

The debut Malayalam film of painter and writer Sibi T Mathew, a Malayalee from New Zealand, is titled Bliss. After completing his studies in scriptwriting at the New York Film School, he studied filmmaking at the New Zealand Film Academy. In addition to being a creative director at Waunau Film Production Company in New Zealand, Sibi T Mathew has directed several telefilms that have been chosen for festivals worldwide.


sudhhy.kopa_imageSudhhy Kopa
Jojo Cyriac
Anand Bbal
Ida Becker
Athul Suresh


Long Shot Productions .. Banner
Sibi T Mathew .. Director, Writer
* .. Producer
Rahim .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
Sreekumar Poochakkal .. Art Director
Kichu Ayiravalli .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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