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"Porattu Nadakam" the first song released

Porattu Nadakam in theatres soon

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Hitting Theaters Soon
Porattu Nadakam is a Malayalam movie directed by Naushad Saffron. The film Porattu Naadakam features Saiju Kurup as the hero along with Rahul Madhav, Sunil Sukhada, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Ramesh Pisharody, Babu Annur, Shukoor Vakeel, Chitra Shenoy, Chithra Nair, Aiswarya Mithun, Jijina Radhakrishnan. The movie Porattu Nadakam is produced by Vijayan Pallikkara. Nirmal Palazhi, Sooraj Thelakkadu, Shukoor Vakeel, Babu Annur, Geethi, Dawood Shah, Sangeetha and others are also in the film. The film's script which features art forms like Kothamooriyattam and Porattu Nadakam in the background is written by Suneesh Varanad, who has written scripts for movies like Mohanlal, Eesho and Asianet's Badai Bungalow. Suneesh is also the host and director of the political satirical comedy show Politrics on the Indiavision Channel. The film is a political satirical comedy with contemporary relevance.

The rustic charm of Northern Kerala was cinematographed by Noushad Shereef. The co-producer of the film Porattu Nadakam is Gayatri Vijayan and Nassar Vengara is the executive producer. The chief associate director of Porattu Nadakam is Anil Mathews and the assistant director is KG Rajesh Kumar.

The film centers on the issues an ordinary man - Abu, the proprietor of Light and Sounds, faces after taking out a loan from a service cooperative bank in Gopalapura, in the northern state of Kerala.

The first song from the movie Porattu Naadakam has been made available from 10 April 2024. Through the social media accounts of filmmaker Nadirshah, the song was made available. Rahul Raj composed the music, and Harinarayanan wrote the words for the song "Nazhoori Paalu". Rahul Raj and Sithara Krishnakumar sing the catchy folk ballad. This upbeat tune has already become very popular.

The movie 'Porattu Nadakam', starring Saiju Kurup, has been released from the stay imposed by the Ernakulam First Class Additional District and Sessions Court. The movie's producers had refuted in court the claims that the movie violated copyright. Following hearing arguments from both sides, the Ernakulam Additional District Court (No. 1) issued an order lifting the Porattu Nadakam stay subject to certain restrictions. Screenwriter Suneesh Varanad, actor Saiju Kurup, producer Vijayan Pallikkara, director NaushaNaushad Saffrondsafron, and others stated that following the film's release, the people who made the accusations will know the truth, and if the accusations turn out to be untrue, legal action—including defamation—will be taken against the petitioners. Adv. Mohammed Ziyad made an appearance on behalf of the writer and producer.

The first look poster for the film Porattu Nadakam which is being produced by Media Universe and Emirates Productions with director Siddique overseeing production, has been released on 24 December 2023. The title poster has been unveiled by director Naushad Saffron in tribute to the master Siddique. Saiju Kurup and Dharmajan Bolgatti are shown on the poster with a cow. The poster makes the suggestion that there is a cow-related issue between them.

Director Naushad Saffron worked as Siddique's assistant director. The film Porattu Nadakam was shot in the Kanhangad and Nileswaram regions in a single 30-day schedule. The comedy-focused movie uses satire to depict the happenings of 21 days in the northern Keralan town of Gopalapuram.

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The music for the film 'Porattu Nadakam' is composed by Rahul Raj from the lyrics of BK Harinarayanan and Fouzia Abubacker. The music rights of Rahul Raj's musical 'Porattu Nadakam' were bagged by 123 Musix. The dance choreographers of choreographer are Sajna Najam and Saheer Abbas.

Porattu Nadakam movie was planned to be released in 2024 January and was postponed. The filming of Porattu Naadakam was completed in and around Kanhangad.

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Nazhoori Paalu
Rahul Raj .. Music, Singer
BK Harinarayanan .. Lyricist
Sithara Krishnakumar .. Singer


saijugkurup_imageSaiju Kurup
Darmajanbolgattyofficial_imageDharmajan Bolgatty
ActorRahulMadhav_imageRahul Madhav
actornirmalpalazhi_imageNirmal Palazhi
sunil.sukhada_imageSunil Sukhada
Shukoor Vakeel
RameshPisharodyofficial_imageRamesh Pisharody
Rajesh Azhikodan
babu.annur_imageBabu Annur
Aiswarya Mithun
Jijina Radhakrishnan
Chithra Nair
Chithra Shenoy
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Emirates Productions .. Banner
Naushad Saffron .. Director
Vijayan Pallikkara .. Producer
Suneesh Vaaranadu .. Writer
noushad.shereef.1_imageNoushad Shereef .. Cinematography
Rajesh Rajendran .. Editor
sujith.raghav.1_imageSujith Raghav .. Art Director
libin.o.mohanan_imageLibin Mohanan .. Makeup
Surya Rajeshwari .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
shihabvennala.shihab_imageShihab Vennala .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
manjugopinath77_imageManju Gopinath .. Pro
ramdas.mathur_imageRamdas Mathur .. Stills
manu.m.joseph.1_imageMA MI JO .. Designs
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